This Celebrity Reporter Quits Her Job With A Resignation Letter For The Ages


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Sometimes a simple “I quit” won’t do. Sometimes a full-on nuclear strike aimed at your (now) former employer is the order of the day.

Longtime People writer Sara Hammel didn’t just resign from her post, she exited in spectacular fashion and spilled enough tea to bankrupt Tetley. Page Six published an edited version of the letter she sent to editorial director Jess Cagle and other editors at the magazine. It doesn’t take long for Hammel to point out her reason for leaving: “It’s not me, it’s you.”

Hammel wrote that after “a wildly dysfunctional 14 years” the magazine has changed dramatically. She expressed frustration with what’s she had to deal with courtesy of “entitled stars and their batsh*t crazy publicist” during her run with the mag.

In between, there were memorable encounters galore, including making the gorgeous and empathic Mariska Hargitay ugly-cry (turns out she cries at like every charity-related event, phew), enduring an Oscar winner’s public bullying over an intimate dinner, facing a personal crisis at Tom Cruise’s wedding in Rome, getting basically, kind of spat on by a snotty J. Lo (okay, it was like a very wet pffttt in my general direction, really obnoxious), having fun with endless lower-key celebs like Rosario Dawson and Kyle MacLachlan and Michael Douglas, observing just how stiff and awkward George Clooney is around kids, insulting Sheryl Crow’s baby, and getting groped/harrassed by an A-list [omitted] performer in New York and Paris (that’s not to be flip—it was violating as hell. I’m still pissed I didn’t jab him in the balls with my pen).

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