A ‘Christmas Vacation’ Fan Recreates Cousin Eddie’s Finest Scene For A Good Cause

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Before it was associated with direct-to-DVD dreck like Endless Bummer, Jake’s Booty Call, and The Legend of Awesomest Maximus, all of which I assume star Eugene Levy, National Lampoon was known for comedy classics like Animal House, Vacation, and Christmas Vacation. Randy Quaid plays the scene-stealing Cousin Eddie in those last two films, and he, too, has fallen on hard times. But in the spirit of the holidays, let’s take a moment to appreciate his finest hour.



The “Merry Christmas, sh*tter was full” scene is a thing of disgusting beauty, and nearly 30 years after Christmas Vacation‘s release (the movie was written by John Hughes; his next film was the similarly Christmas-themed Home Alone), fans are still quoting it. Or in the case of Eric Anstey, recreating it.

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