The Story Of A Dog Named Kevin Love Is Very Good And Important

Getty Image / Yusuf Ahmed

Congratulations, folks! You’ve managed to slowly drag yourself through the last vestiges of the trash fire that was 2016. We here at Uproxx Sports thought we could all deserve a reward for making it through the utter ridiculousness of the past year, specifically by focusing on the utter adorableness of this tiny puppy named after Kevin Love.

Yes, that’s right! There’s a Cleveland sports dog that isn’t going to depress the hell out of you.

I spoke briefly with his owner, Yusuf, about what inspired him and his girlfriend to name their tiny puppy after Love when they had a seemingly unnatural amount of Cleveland sports heroes to choose from lately.

“Well my girlfriend Lauren and I are both huge Cleveland sports fans,” Ahmed says. “We had been talking about getting a puppy and we wanted him to have a name with a Cleveland sports influence. The Cavs’ comeback happened to coincide with our puppy search. Obviously LeBron was the MVP, and Kyrie hit the shot, but we both love Kevin Love. Personally, I’ve always stood up for K-Love while other Cavs fans have lamented the Wiggins trade.”

“Game 7 of the finals was the perfect microcosm of Love’s role in Cleveland,” Ahmed continues. “Nothing in the box score stood out but he was the unsung hero in locking down Steph Curry on the possession after Kyrie hit the three-pointer. As soon as Love forced Steph into that brick, I turned to her and said, ‘If we hold on, our puppy is going to be named Kevin Wesley.’ It did, and the name came to fruition.”

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