A Visual Of Tour Of 10 National Parks That You Can Visit For Free This Month


Spring is here and it’s time to finally get outside and explore. There really is so much to see. In the United States, you’ll find deserts, mountains, forests, lakes, and rivers that are ripe for discovery. Get out there and go for a hike, walk, kayak, run — Just do something. See the world. Put down your iPad and shut off your Roku, the hot, new Netflix show will still be there when you get back. In The US, we are lucky to have fifty-nine National Parks. That’s an awful lot to discover (plus the monuments, protected spaces, BLM land…).

If you happened to see Ken Burns’ documentary series on the creation of the National Park system, you’ll know that a lot of dedicated people worked diligently to preserve specific areas of our country. These spaces are free of mini-malls, hotels, and the neon glow of fast food restaurants. They are left to remain as they have always been for future generations to enjoy.

Usually, in order to fun their work, the National Park Service charges admission to these parks. But, for two weekends this month (15th-16th and 22-23rd) you can visit all of them for free. Depending on where you live, take a road trip to Yellowstone, Sequoia, or the Grand Canyon. You’ll be pretty happy you did. Feel free to take out your phone and take some photos for Instagram too. Just make sure you make time to actually enjoy the sights in person. You might never get a chance to come back.

According to Lonely Planet, there are ten National Parks people visited in 2016 more than any others. They’re located in all corners of the country from Maine to Arizona and are just waiting to be discovered by you in this visual tour (and in real life).

10.) Glacier National Park (Montana)

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