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    Incredible Videos Of Hurricane Maria’s ‘Total Devastation’ Of Puerto Rico Are Surfacing

    Getty Image The vocabulary usually used to describe hurricanes suddenly seems inadequate in the face of Hurricane Maria, which battered the Virgin Islands early Wednesday and is continuing to pummel the Caribbean. Nonetheless, officials can only describe this storm’s effects on Puerto Rico as “total devastation.” The U.S. Virgin Island of St. Croix was one […]

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    The Aftermath Of Loving Somone Too Much

    Xavier Sotomayor You will see him in your dreams. You will see him along a very busy street, during your busiest days, and even when you are with your friends in the middle of a party. You will always take some time to think of him every single day, and will keep on hoping that […]

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    These 14 Inventions From The Past Will Make You Glad You Weren't Alive Back Then

    We live in a world full of incredible technology that makes different aspects of our lives so much easier, but back in the day, tools people used weren’t exactly as efficient. We’ve made amazing technological advancements over the last few hundred years, but with every great invention comes at least a few strange “innovations” — […]

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    Forget Meditating, Just Go For A Swim

    Ryan Holiday Instagram There is one quiet place left on this earth. One quiet place where there are no phones, no news tickers, no instant messages or even music. It’s the one place where you can have not just quiet but utter silence and meditative calm, even if those things don’t come to you naturally. […]

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    In Another Universe, We Are Together

    Natalie Allen In another universe, we were the lucky ones. In another universe, we made it. In another universe you never experienced what you experienced. The world never weathered you the way it did, it never dug into the soul of you. In another universe, you didn’t associate love with leaving. In another universe, you […]

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    Intense Photos Show Irma's Devastation Of The Happiest Place On Earth

    The happiest place on Earth rarely closes its doors, but the threat of Hurricane Irma forced Disney World to close Sunday and Monday, as much of Florida prepared to escape the devastating storm. Hurricane Irma marks just the sixth time Disney World has closed its gates in 45 years of operation. But when the park […]

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    With Bankruptcy Looming, This Might Be The End For Toys R’ Us Kids

    UPROXX In the ’80s and ’90s, kids swarmed Toys R’ Us and K-B Toys. Perennial advertisers on the Saturday morning airwaves and in Sunday circulars, these mall-based toy stores are golden avenues of nostalgia. But they’re also staring down a world where people would rather buy online than drive to a mall, and K-B got […]

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    A List Of Theories That Would Explain Why I’m Single

    Daniel Monteiro Dave Grohl is married and therefore any chance I had at true love is no longer possible. Brendan Urie and Tom Hanks are also married. The patriarchy. It just ruins everything. Online dating sucks. Dating IRL sucks. Dating, in general, just sucks. I just, like, really need to focus on my work right […]