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    16 Men Explain Whether They Are Willing To Eat Out A Girl They Hook Up With 1. I would like to, but I’m paranoid about STDs. And it’s not like I’m drowning in eager women interested in casual sex. — GollnirTheSexy 2. I learned the hard way that you can’t do that to anyone you meet. I ended up with a bad case of bacterial tonsillitis. — BeastlyDecks 3. Never with one night […]

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    I Create Surreal Paintings Of Iconic Women That Will Touch Your Heart

    By Veronica Winters – Community Member As an artist and a human being, I want to help women succeed. Therefore I paint female heroes to inspire others to find and to pursue their calling in life. With this work I want to open up a dialogue, to create a visual experience of seeing the female […]

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    Reggie Watts Improvised Community For LA’s First Dine In Sound Dinner At Animal Restaurant

    Courtesy of DTS Spaces Los Angeles has an enormous community of creative people, whether they’re chefs, musicians, writers and editors, filmmakers, or something else, this city is brimming with talented people who are pursuing an artistic passion. The trouble is, there’s not a lot of places where people like this can meet up and talk […]

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    The Seven New Earth-Like Planets Discovered By NASA, Ranked

    NASA Big news, folks. NASA has discovered seven new Earth-like planets orbiting a star outside our solar system. A new record! And according to the scientists who released the report, three of them are even located in what they refer to as “the inhabitable zone.” New planets, here we come! Maybe. Probably not. But maybe! […]

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    Don’t Lose Hope – You WILL Overcome The Storms Of This Life

    Christian Gertenbach Life storms. We all go through life having to live through them, others less and some a little more. And no matter how much we try to protect our hearts and shield ourselves, the heartbreaks, broken promises and setbacks will come. They’ll bring us down, leave us with much self-doubt, disappointment, bare and […]

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    24 Ways You Can Come Off As The ‘Creepy Girl’ (As Told By 24 Men)

    Thought.Is 1. Weird animal noises More weird than creepy but when I was in middle school I was sitting down outside and this girl came and sat down next to me, she faced me and started making animal noises, like barking, meowing, mooing the whole package, after a while she opened her backpack, wrote her […]

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    22 Scientific Facts That Will Make Cooking Way Easier

    My mom is a cake decorator, and one of the first things she taught me is that cooking and baking are all about science. The ingredients and temperature combine to create chemical reactions that can only be explained through scientific means. Each unique recipe results in something all its own, and we can thank the […]

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    Why A Love That Comes Back Is Never Really Worth It

    Aricka Lewis Do you remember the feeling your favorite book gave you? It made you feel excited; it made you laugh and cry and when you finished and everything felt like magic. Time passed and you still loved the text. You talked for hours about it and you even said that you would read it […]

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    Here’s To All The Girls Who’d Rather Catch Flights Than Feelings

    Ieva Urenceva Here’s to the girls who would rather stay wild and wander than settle down. The one’s who have said, “I like you, but I love to travel so as much as I’d like to stay I have to go.” The girls who don’t want a “normal” life and actually refuse to live it. […]

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    To The Women Who Always End Up With F*ckboys I get it, I’ve been there. You meet a guy, whether it’s online or in person, and you think he’s a good guy. He seems nice. He seems interested in what you have to say. He seems genuine, but as time passes, your gut is telling you this guy wants one thing and one […]