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    9 Ways Women Can Invoke Happiness in Themselves And Others

    Whenever you feel alone or lost, know that positivity will always bring you strength. In moments like this, take the opportunity to be a beacon of light for others. Hope is all heroine Offred has in Hulu’s new series “A Handmaid’s Tale,” and it’s something that turns out to be contagious. Make sure to see […]

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    You Shouldn’t Have To Tell Someone How To Love You

    Mink Mingle Someone I love deeply calls me. She tells me her heart is broken, tells me he’s trying to win her back but he asks her what she needs, how he can earn her trust, what he can do to make things right. I listen. I remind her of her worth. And then I […]

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    They Thought She Couldn't Talk. Then She Met A Four-Legged Friend And Said This.

    I don’t know about you, but I’ve heard hundreds of stories about how therapy animals have made people’s lives better. They warm my heart every single time without fail. Sometimes it feels like animals are true gifts that we don’t even deserve. When we think about therapy animals, though, the first thing that usually comes […]

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    I Stopped Blaming Myself For Your Inability To Love Me

    Twenty20/@kirillvasilevcom I stopped questioning myself. I stopped asking myself all these toxic questions about my self-wroth, my looks or my character. I stopped being so hard on myself and magnifying every little flaw. I stopped expecting myself to be perfect so I can feel good enough for you. I’ll always be a work in progress […]

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    You Should Probably Read This Before Scraping The Mold Off Your Bread

    Shutterstock What’s your stance on moldy bread? Do you eat it with relish (after cutting off the moldy part, of course, you’re not an animal) or do you take a look at the green fuzz, scrunch up your face and immediately toss the whole loaf in the garbage, even though your parents would be so, […]

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    Should We Stop Telling Kids Their Height and Weight Percentiles?

    iStockPhoto.ocm / Marilyn Nieves I was a happy kid, lucky enough to have wise and well-adjusted parents. I can relive injuries: falling off a slide into darkness and screaming. I remember touch: my mom’s hand on my chest when she had to brake abruptly, as if that would keep me safe. And I remember believing […]

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    Tools You Can Use To Overcome Anxiety Right Now

    Aricka Lewis I’m an anxious person by nature. I recently suffered from a period of depression and anxiety that stemmed from serious vitamin deficiencies (you can read that article here), but anxiety is part of the framework of who I am. I’ve always worried about something bad happening to my loved ones when they leave […]

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    Watch This Adorable Beagle Sing The Song Of His People While Jamming Out

    Ever since I heard the adorable bark-howls that beagles make, I’ve wanted one of my own. There’s something seriously endearing about the way they sing their hearts out so hoarsely — and their sweet little faces make them that much more irresistible. Just ask Buddy Mercury’s parents. Their rescue beagle is stealing hearts left and […]

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    All The Times I Find Myself Missing You

    Kalegin Michail i. when i’m driving at night down a back road with a slow country song on the radio. ii. when i’m sitting at a coffee shop alone and there’s a cute couple sitting together laughing on the couch. iii. when it’s late and i’m feeling lonely. sometimes i think about texting you but […]