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    The Ugly Truth About Wanting To Date Someone You Work With

    Instagram / Sophia Sinclair When you like someone you work with, when you have a crush you can’t squash, one of two things happen. You’re either excited to start your day or you consider calling out. You’re either eager to flirt with them or too nervous to see their face. When you like someone you […]

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    Is Cord-Cutting (Or Cord-Shaving) Right For You?

    Uproxx Five years ago, the idea of a household without a cable TV subscription was practically unheard of. But, increasingly, “cord-cutters” are becoming the norm. In July 2016, a quarter of all US households didn’t have a pay cable subscription, and the pace of people dropping cable is only accelerating. But how do you go […]

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    Everything Comes Back To You

    Arnel Hasanovic Everything comes back to you. To the mornings when I’d wake and feel your heart beating through the palm of my hand. To the nights when I’d come home from work, fall into your lap, and tell you stories as you wove your fingers through my hair. To the words you said, and […]

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    These 15 Examples Of Everyday Camouflage Are Endlessly Entertaining

    When I think of camouflage, I think of military or hunting gear. There are also tons of animals that have adapted to blend into their surroundings. Usually, we’re pretty content to stand out, but that doesn’t always work out, either. The internet is full of examples of people and things that are unintentionally camouflaging themselves, […]

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    Zodiacs Ranked From The Best Flirts To The Most Painfully Awkward Flirts

    Unsplash / Yoann Boyer 1. Scorpio Scorpios are smooth AF. They can hold a conversation with anybody they meet — but they don’t give too much away during the first interaction in order to keep the mystery alive. To keep people interested. And a lot of people are interested in Scorpios. There’s something about them […]

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    Father John Misty Wrote A Heartfelt And Hilarious Ode To The Chuck E. Cheese Animatronic Band

    Chuck E. Cheese Nevada Although it still exists today, Chuck E. Cheese still feels like something of a cultural artifact, an entity that didn’t really manage to escape the ’90s. The company’s management seems to recognize this, so it was recently announced that they’re looking to turn the restaurant into a more “modern experience.” Part […]

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    This Is What Game Of Thrones House You Belong To, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

    House Arryn Game of Thrones Aries are traditionally determined and confident individuals. However, like House Arryn, you also have the tendency to be prideful, moody, and arrogant. Be careful – this can be your downfall. You never know when someone is trying to poison you or push you through your own Moon Door. House Baratheon […]