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    Wrap My Whole Heart Around You

    Ali Kaukas I’m fineexcept when it’s 11:33 PMand I’ve had a moment where I realizeI’m holding space for youthat I want to skip the eatprayand just hitlovehave your shaggy hair fallas your feet hit the groundoutside my villa in Baliand to wakegroggy in the sunlightfrom a deep napdisoriented and brown and warmand walk with my […]

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    45 Things That Will Help You Be A Better Person

    Lizzie I’ve started a (nearly) annual tradition of writing about things I’ve learned or observed about life on my birthday (I try to write as many things as my age, so yeah, I’m 45). I don’t write these because I’ve mastered life or am an expert on anything, but mainly as a reminder and challenge […]

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    Anxiety Always Keeps Me Awake After Midnight

    Pexels / Pixabay My anxiety keeps me up all night. Instead of falling straight asleep, my silent bedroom gives me the chance to think about what tomorrow will bring. It gives me plenty of time to worry about what I’m going to wear and where I’m going to sit and what I’m going to say. […]

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    Someday, He Is Going To Realize What He Lost

    Jeremy Bishop Someday, whether it will be weeks or years from now, he will realize what he lost when he let you go. He will realize his mistake. He will feel regret. And he will reel in his own misery, when he realizes what he did to make you leave. He probably doesn’t get it […]

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    I Want You To Fall In Love With My Mind

    Drew Wilson I don’t want you to just fall in love with this physical body, with my eyes, my legs, my mouth. I don’t want you to just fall in love with these emotions, my feelings, my passion, my heart. I don’t want you to just love who I am right now, my human presence, […]

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    A Short List Of Things I Did To Get Over You

    Han Cheng Yeh 1. Refused to talk about you because talking about you meant that I was thinking about you and how are you supposed to get over someone when you’re thinking about them? 2. Could only talk about you. And eventually became a broken record even I was sick of hearing. 3. Stopped eating. […]

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    Anxiety Makes Me Feel Like I Will Never Find Love

    Louis Blythe Sometimes, my anxiety makes me think I’m unlovable. I know I deserve love. I know I deserve to find my person. I know I deserve the best guy, and the best of friends and an amazing life. I know I am worth great, big, life changing love. And I know someone deserves to […]

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    Why I Absolutely Love The Mess Of Being A 20-Something Many 20-something hate being in the age of 20-something. They hate all the confusion of what they should be, what should do, whom they should be, and need to do. They are thorn between being who they are and what the society wants them to be. But is it just me or are there […]