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    This Is Why Dating Is So Much Harder For People With Anxiety

    Jordan Whitfield There is no ‘calm down’ button for us. No chill meter. No way out when we are already in over our heads. There is no ‘off’ button for when our anxiety hits us. And when it comes knocking, we suffer. So you can imagine how hard dating is for us. We fret over […]

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    I Think I’m Slowly Starting To Understand Life

    Aziz Acharki I think I’m closer to understanding the chaos of life. I think I’m starting to understand why we have to go through excruciating pain, why we have to have our world turn upside down, so we can figure out a different road, so we can find a new direction and find our voice, […]

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    Date Someone Who Makes You Feel Comfortable From Day One

    Twenty20 / kirillvasilevcom Date the person you feel comfortable talking to, even though you’ve just met, and you’re usually nervous around new people. Date the person you feel like you’ve known forever, even though it’s only been a few weeks. Date the person you aren’t embarrassed around, even if you say something awkward, even if […]

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    The Best Boyfriends Know Little Gestures Mean More Than Anything Else

    @criene The best boyfriends are the ones who comment on your Instagram pictures. Not because it matters, but because they love you and want to remind everyone you know that they do. The best boyfriends are the ones who are willing to take selfies with you and of you, who happily give you time to “do your own […]

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    Unfortunately, It’s Time For My Heart To Kick You Out

    Vojtech Okenka I was rooting for you. I was rooting for us. I thought I could still write a happy ending to our story but I realized I’d be fooling myself. You and I cannot write a happy ending because we’d be so much happier with someone else. We deserve happier. We deserve more. We […]