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    We’re Okay Now (I Think)

    Larm Rmah I feel a lot less angry than I did a month ago. Or even a week ago when I was waking up in Northern California and still feeling weird for being there and feeling angry at myself (and at him) for being an idiot and not being able to feel numbness towards the […]

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    She Put A Tiny Saddle On Her Dog For The Funniest Reason Ever!

    Online, we see animals do crazy tricks all the time. It’s delightful. What we don’t often get to see is the work that goes into teaching these animals how to do these incredible feats. A show called “Teach My Pet to Do That” on ITV is revealing the secrets behind animal training by sending a […]

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    If You Love Her, Maybe You Really Shouldn’t Let Her Go

    Tanja Heffner ‘If you love her, let her go.’ Why is that a saying? Why is that something we quote, hang on our walls, save to our Pinterest boards? Sure, there’s something empowering in being a free woman, in being a woman who is unhindered and unbound. But do we, as women, really need permission […]

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    At The End Of The Day, You Can Only Count On Yourself

    Drew Graham At the end of the day, you only have yourself. Your friends and loved ones will be there for you when you need them but they won’t be able to understand everything that goes on in your life, they won’t be able to understand the thoughts that haunt you at night. They won’t […]

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    A Short List Of Things I Would Never Want To Admit Out Loud

    super aweomse/flickr 1. I get so stressed out about the American political climate that I cry regularly. Not like, sob. But definitely cry. Because I feel helpless and scared and embarrassed and just…bad. I feel sorry too. Which contributes to the bad. 2. Sometimes I think about the times that I kissed her in alleyways […]

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    All The Men You Date After The Break Up

    Brooke Cagle There’s the guy you meet when you first get back from your post-breakup trip to Europe. He’s 36 and totally your type, older and scruffy and well-dressed and has a quirky sense of humor. He played guitar and liked to paint and lived in Greenwich Village and had a sweet black and white […]