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    23 E-Cards That Hilariously Summarize Your Shit Show Of A Life

    1. This truth bomb.  2. The never-ending circle. 3. The bright side, kind of. 4. Can I get this at Walgreens? 5. Constant exercise.  6. This is the kind of love we’re all looking for. 7. This feeling is unavoidable.  8. Smooth move.  9. This is true dedication.  10. Honestly, this is all of us.  11. […]

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    To The One Who Broke Me Today, I am sitting in a restaurant. The one that became our date spot – the usual, the go-to. Today, I sat and ordered the dishes you and I used to enjoy – they taste different now. I wonder if you know that. Today, I linger back on the days, hours, minutes, seconds, that […]

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    This Clown Motel Is Just As Creepy As It Sounds. Yikes!

    Coulrophobia is the severe fear of clowns, and it’s estimated to plague nearly 12 percent of the U.S. population. Many believe that this phobia didn’t exist on such a large scale until the release of Stephen King’s thriller “It.” Since then, several creepy and murderous clowns have appeared in movies and television, and a string […]

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    What It Means To Decide To Change Your Life

    kirillvasilevcom If you are unhappy of where you’re at, be a little selfish and take care of you.If you want a change, make it.If you want a new job, start looking.If you want to live somewhere new, move.If you’re afraid of what comes next, feel the excitement of what could be.If you doubt yourself, remember […]

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    Here’s All The Pissed Trump Voters Who Are Shocked That He Might Take Away Their Healthcare

    Pixabay / terimakasih0 In the last election there was a ton of confusion over President-elect Donald Trump’s actual policies. We were told to take him “seriously” but not “literally” (LOL) which is apparently leading to some pretty messed up outcomes. In addition, this confusion was not helped by the presence of “fake news” that invented […]

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    These 10 Watering Holes All Have Something Eerie In Common

    When we picture haunted places, we usually think of houses, cemeteries, and other buildings, but what about bodies of water? California has plenty of great areas where you can take a dip and cool off, but some of its watering holes are much spookier than you’d ever expect. Paranormal activity seems to be a normal […]

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    25 Biggest Mistakes You Can Make At A Job Interview

    It’s something that almost all of us are going to have to go through at one point or another. Job interviews are a fact of life. We need money so we need to work (at least most of us do). To help you out, we’ve compiled a list of the 25 biggest mistakes you can […]

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    Here Is How I Know That I Love You / Eva Katalin Kondoros www I know I love you because it stresses me out when you’re hungry. Do you have any idea how many times I forget to eat breakfast? How many nights I stay up frantically penning a project until my appetite twists into a ball inside my stomach? But these rules […]

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    10 Ultra Sexy Role Play Ideas That Will Give You A Ridiculously Strong Orgasm

    Twenty20, kirillvasilevcom 1. Masseuse. Strip off your clothes and rest on your bed while your partner gives you a full-body massage. When he’s finished, put a pillow under your stomach and have him penetrate you from behind. 2. Teacher. Pretend you’re a college professor that’s marking papers and have your boyfriend (your student) figure out a way to convince […]