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    Forget Meditating, Just Go For A Swim

    Ryan Holiday Instagram There is one quiet place left on this earth. One quiet place where there are no phones, no news tickers, no instant messages or even music. It’s the one place where you can have not just quiet but utter silence and meditative calm, even if those things don’t come to you naturally. […]

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    In Another Universe, We Are Together

    Natalie Allen In another universe, we were the lucky ones. In another universe, we made it. In another universe you never experienced what you experienced. The world never weathered you the way it did, it never dug into the soul of you. In another universe, you didn’t associate love with leaving. In another universe, you […]

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    Intense Photos Show Irma's Devastation Of The Happiest Place On Earth

    The happiest place on Earth rarely closes its doors, but the threat of Hurricane Irma forced Disney World to close Sunday and Monday, as much of Florida prepared to escape the devastating storm. Hurricane Irma marks just the sixth time Disney World has closed its gates in 45 years of operation. But when the park […]

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    A List Of Theories That Would Explain Why I’m Single

    Daniel Monteiro Dave Grohl is married and therefore any chance I had at true love is no longer possible. Brendan Urie and Tom Hanks are also married. The patriarchy. It just ruins everything. Online dating sucks. Dating IRL sucks. Dating, in general, just sucks. I just, like, really need to focus on my work right […]

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    24 People Who Had Way Too Much Fun Creating Their PowerPoint Presentations

    Giving school presentations isn’t exactly anyone’s idea of fun. In fact, it’s what many shy people consider their own personal form of hell. Some say it helps to picture your audience in their underwear so you don’t feel so vulnerable. Others suggest sprinkling a little humor into your presentation, which these people definitely did. Whether […]

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    This Is For You If You’re Wary Of The Body Positive Movement

    Sydney Jackson While I love the body positive movement as much as the next guy, I will admit that at times the body pos movement has left me feeling confused and slightly bewildered. To be clear: I am all in favor of the body positive movement. I love that inspiring women and men are supporting […]