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    This Is How Your Heart Breaks, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

    God & Man Aries (March 21st to April 19th) Your heart breaks when someone tries to control you, when someone tries to hold you back from seizing every opportunity, from saying yes to basically everything. Your heart breaks when you’re with someone who can’t accept the fact that you crave adventure, and that you might […]

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    Don’t Feel Stupid For Loving The Wrong Person

    Luke Braswell You look back and you just feel stupid.You can’t forgive yourself for fallingor believing all the lies.You reread every text.You relive every memory.And it all starts making sense —he never wanted love.He only wanted attention.He only wanted validation.He only wanted youwhen she didn’t want him.And you thought he was different,you thought he won’t […]

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    I Didn’t Deserve The Pain You Put Me Through

    Unsplash / Sydney Jackson Screw you for being too much of a coward to admit you had feelings for me. For worrying about how much I could hurt you in the future if you actually let yourself feel, so you decided to treat me like nothing instead. So you decided to push me away instead […]