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    I Don’t Know How Much Longer I Can Hold Back From Texting You

    Unsplash / Amadeo Muslimovic I want to talk to you, but I refuse to be the only person that tries. I don’t want to give you any more power over me. So I’ve put restrictions on myself. I’m not allowed to text you. I’m not allowed to check your social media. I’m not allowed to look through our […]

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    What Happened To Them Only Minutes Apart Seems Too Heartbreaking To Be Real

    On March 21, Julia Yates Patterson was driving along Highway 117 in DeKalb County, Alabama, when she got into a head-on accident with another driver. The driver and passenger of the other vehicle were taken to a local hospital, but unfortunately, Patterson didn’t survive the crash. Her death was tragic enough as she left behind […]

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    25 Most Useful Home Remedies That You Should Know

    Miscellaneous Posted by Sameen, Updated on March 23, 2017 Want to know a couple of helpful life-hacks that could help you in a pinch? Although hiring a professional or going to the doctor is always recommended in serious situations, whether it’s a quick medical fix or a small DIY repair, sometimes it’s just easier (and […]

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    15 Things Only People With Zero Social Skills Will Understand

    God & Man 1. Looking someone in the eye is painful. People assume that you aren’t listening when you’re staring at the wall or down at your phone. But really, you’re paying even less attention when you look them in the eyes, because you’re thinking about how awkward it feels and how long you should wait until it’s […]

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    I Was Wrong, You’re Not The Guy For Me I used to worry that I wasn’t the girl for you but now I know that you’re not the guy for me. You’re never going to be the one who shows up when I’m in pain at 3 am in the morning to hold my hand and spoon me with love and affection. You’re […]

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    27 Thoughts I Had When I Saw You With Her

    God & Man 1. So this is why you stopped texting me? 2. This explains so much. It explains you.  3. I’ll never be her. 4. How could you like two VERY different types? 5. How was I even your type? 6. She doesn’t seem very genuine. She’s looking at you but she’s not seeing you. 7. I think you’re being […]

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    It Would Be Better If People Understood

    Franca Gimenez It would be much better if I wasn’t tired all the time. Any activity from having a shower to partaking in a lecture just exhaust me. The thought of having to get out of bed to do anything is exhausting. People think I’m lazy and that I can’t be bothered. I wish I […]

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    If Someone Online Tells You To Say The Number 108 To Siri, DON'T Do It

    If you have an iPhone, you know there are tons of commands you can give Siri. You can ask for directions, the weather, what movies are currently playing, and even what planes are overhead. It’s always fun discovering all the other cool things you can ask your voice-controlled personal assistant, but there are some commands […]