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    With Bankruptcy Looming, This Might Be The End For Toys R’ Us Kids

    UPROXX In the ’80s and ’90s, kids swarmed Toys R’ Us and K-B Toys. Perennial advertisers on the Saturday morning airwaves and in Sunday circulars, these mall-based toy stores are golden avenues of nostalgia. But they’re also staring down a world where people would rather buy online than drive to a mall, and K-B got […]

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    President Trump Woke Up On Sunday And Retweeted A GIF Showing Him Hitting Hillary With A Golf Ball

    Getty Image Despite dedicated efforts by new-ish White House Chief of Staff John Kelly, the general can hook Donald Trump up to a teleprompter, but he cannot entirely tame him. This is evident through the president’s early morning retweeting storm. It was just like old times — when Trump retweeted footage that showed him “body […]

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    All The Pumpkin Beers Actually Worth Trying This Fall

    Shutterstock/Uproxx We know what you’re thinking, “Pumpkin beers are everything that’s wrong with the beer industry!” These gimmicky, seasonal brews arrive at the end of August like a terrible beacon, warning you that it’s time to put away your board shorts because summer is officially over. Part of the hatred of these often-cloyingly sweet, overly […]

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    Trump May Have Finally Lost Ann Coulter, From The Looks Over Her Tirade Over His Reported DACA Deal

    Getty Image This time last year, Ann Coulter was waxing poetic about how she “would die” for then-GOP nominee Donald Trump, who she worshiped “like the North Koreans worship the ‘Dear Leader.’” Today however, she’s tweeting, “Put a fork in Trump, he’s dead.” Coulter, who suffered from a case of summertime sadness over how Trump’s […]

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    There’s One ‘Harry Potter’ Question J.K. Rowling Never Wants To Answer Again

    WARNER BROS. With her 12.5 million followers on Twitter, author J.K. Rowling probably gets asked about Harry Potter approximately 492,948 times a day. “Why does a wizard need glasses?” “Why didn’t Fred and George Weasley see Peter Pettigrew on the Marauder’s Map?” “Which house would the Sorting Hat assign Donald Trump to?” (I think we […]

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    Patton Oswalt And J.K. Rowling Join Forces To Respond To The Claim That Depression Isn’t Real

    Getty Image Depression isn’t something you can dust off. It doesn’t take a mental health expert to understand that a lifelong battle with depression can’t be “fixed” in 140 characters or less. (No matter what your weirdo uncle that sends you unwanted email forwards might think.) When kickboxer and Big Brother UK alum Andrew Tate […]

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    Steak & Eggs Deserves To Be Remixed For The Fancy Brunch Crowd

    Shutterstock At Uncle Jack’s Steakhouse in Bayside, Queens on a hot summer Sunday morning, I’m surrounded by dark wood, red brick, and white linen. Sinatra is playing overhead. The surroundings make me feel as though I should be exclusively indulging in some kind of carnivorous spectacle, honoring a beast that died so that I could […]

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    Kirk Cameron Believes Hurricanes Were Sent By God To Teach Humanity A Lesson

    FACEBOOK Hurricanes Harvey and Irma, which have combined to kill over 100 people and counting, were sent to Earth to teach us a lesson about “humility.” That’s according to Subway’s number-one fan Kirk Cameron, who took to Facebook to share his thoughts on the devastation occurring in the United States, Caribbean, and elsewhere. “This is […]