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    Chasing Fish And Thinking About Fatherhood In The Wilds Of Alaska

    Uproxx This article was originally run on November 30, 2016. It has been slightly altered. I. “Last cast, buddy?” That’s how every fishing trip with my dad ended. I can’t remember how many times he said it, or how many times we went out together. Somewhere in the low hundreds, probably. As for how many […]

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    Trump’s Decision To Reverse Obama’s Cuba Policy Is Political Horse Trading Masquerading As Human Rights

    Getty Image In the days following the death of Fidel Castro, then-President-elect Donald Trump did exactly what one might expect: He took to Twitter. Trump condemned the “deal” the Obama administration put in place over the course of its normalization process with Cuba. “If Cuba is unwilling to make a better deal for the Cuban […]

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    The Subtle Art Of Adding Vintage Clothes To Your Wardrobe

    Lilah Ramzi Lilah Ramzi knows how to dress with style. But not because she studies trends or spends a lot of time or money on clothing. Ramzi knows how to dress because she knows clothes. The low-key fashion historian has a masters in costume studies, worked at the Met’s Costume Institute, and is now a […]

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    Troll Cakes Bakery Will Literally Make Your Trolls Eat Their Words

    Troll Cakes Bakery As a woman who writes about superheroes for living, having an opinion is a dangerous occupation. One wrong word about Wonder Woman or the Joker and suddenly the trolls come out of the woodwork, with threats and then the cops get involved and it’s actual insanity. Nevertheless I — and many other […]

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    The Best Baseball Highlight Of The Year Is An Amazing Fan Race In Atlanta

    Twitter Forget about Bryce Harper almost hitting someone with his helmet, the baseball highlight of the season is some dude chasing down another dude in the Atlanta Braves outfield. Beat The Freeze is a contest held between innings in Atlanta where a blue-green morphsuit-wearing speedster gives a regular dork in the crowd a 200-foot lead […]

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    Celebrate The NBA Finals With This Sushi Made To Look Like Sneakers

    Instagram/Yujia Hu What do sushi and the NBA’s dopest basketball shoes have in common? One micro-focused chef in Milan, Italy, that’s what. Okay, we’re not going to lie. We all know we live in the world where creating Instagram-able food is a marketing tactic that feels more like Don Draper on a blissed out bender […]