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    You’re Allowed To Move On

    God & Man You’re allowed to move on. To move on from a life that has done nothing but bruise you. To move on from a friend who has done nothing but belittle you. And to move on from a past lover, who did nothing but break you. There’s nothing wrong with moving on. So […]

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    What Love Actually Is, Because Sometimes It’s Not Magic

    unsplash.com I’m getting married in September. It’s not something I talk about frequently in my writing. Refraining from talking about it was never a conscious choice, and I’ve never thought too deeply about the reasons why. I think it’s because my relationship is the most important thing in the world to me, so I like […]

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    This Is Why People With Anxiety Are The Best People To Fall In Love With

    Thought.is People with anxiety aren’t perfect, but nobody is. When you love someone who has anxiety, you’re loving someone who is in tune with their every emotion. Someone who feels everything with their being and doesn’t apologize for it. When you love someone who has anxiety you are loving someone who is sensitive and empathetic. And […]

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    To The Women Who Always End Up With F*ckboys

    unsplash.com I get it, I’ve been there. You meet a guy, whether it’s online or in person, and you think he’s a good guy. He seems nice. He seems interested in what you have to say. He seems genuine, but as time passes, your gut is telling you this guy wants one thing and one […]

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    10 Things You Should Never Say To A Loved One With Anxiety

    freestocks.org 1. Quit being so dramatic. Many people think that individuals who suffer from anxiety are being too dramatic and are doing it for attention. I’m sorry to say that we actually aren’t doing it for attention. We can’t help the symptoms that show up out of the blue and we can’t control when or where […]

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    10 Important Things I’ve Learned As I Turn 23

    Nirzar Pangarkar 1. You only need one person to believe in you and that is yourself.You have to build that confidence that you can do anything you want to do, even if everyone is saying you can’t. Don’t be afraid of failing, you will have more regrets not doing things you’ve always wanted than actually […]