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    How To Use Psychology To Make Someone Fall (And Stay) In Love With You

    Leo Hidalgo Do you believe that love can’t be controlled? Do you believe that if a person doesn’t love you from the outset, there’s no chance? Do you believe that it’s impossible to make a person fall madly deeply in love with you? If you’ve answered yes, it’s also highly likely you believe in chance […]

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    Strong Girl, You Don’t Need Him

    Jean Gerber You don’t need him. I’ve learned the hard way that you can love someone and be blindsided by your strong attraction to them and eventually mistook it for love. I was beginning to latch onto an idea of someone up to a point where it became unhealthy. I would always think of that […]

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    2017—This Is What I Hope For You

    Alex Blăjan 2017, this is what I hope for you. I hope you will be a year full of smiles and laughs, instead of tears and regrets. I hope you will be a year that is full of gifts, not of material items, but of good friends and good company. I hope you will be full […]

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    35 Things I’ve Learned In 35 Years Of Life

    Thomas Kelley Last week I celebrated my 35th birthday.  In one way the phrase ‘I am 35 years old’ feels like I am getting old as I have lived almost half of my life (if average life expectancy is 75 years) and this saddens me because then I think of all the things I have […]

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    This Is Why I’m Guarded

    Michael Hull I was once that person who constantly needed some protecting from the world beyond me, I was that person who always needed to depend my own self and happiness to other people, I was also that person who was too afraid of being alone and I always needed someone to look out for […]

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    The Best Kept Secret You Need To Know If You Want Love That Lasts

    Lotte Meijer We have only to look at the divorce rate—41% for first marriages, 60% for second marriages, and a whopping 73% for third marriages—to know that people often fall out of love with their spouse. Why do so many people fall out of love? Don, 37 and Megan, 32, fell passionately ‘in love’ soon […]

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    The Reality Of Falling For The Right Person, At The Wrong Time

    vincentxx This happens to all of us at one point in time. You meet someone on your vacation who sweeps you off your feet and never see them again. You meet a boy on a plane who is going in the opposite direction of you and only get to have a two hour conversation with them. Maybe you […]