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    22 Women Confess Why They HATE Sucking Dick

    Thought.is 1. Even when it doesn’t take forever, it still feels like it’s taking forever. “Even when it doesn’t take forever, it still feels like it’s taking forever. How long have I been doing this for? Forty minutes? No? It’s only been 10? Well, in blowjob minutes, that’s like an hour and a half, so […]

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    32 Office Christmas Parties That Got Totally Out Of Hand

    Flickr / Sue Richards 1. My boss showed the entire staff that he has five nipples. “My boss showed the entire staff that he has 5 nipples at the company Christmas party one year. He even let one girl touch the 5th one.” —therin33 2. All thirty of us ended up on top of a […]

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    I’ve Always Been Boy-Crazy

    Thought.is i made a list of the boys i kissed this yearas well as the ones i missedthe cross-over wasn’t enough for my liking,only two i thought of frequently – the one in Los Angelesand the other one,also LA,freckles everywhere you know,this is the shit everyone (my mother)says i should go back to therapy for,which […]

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    20 Juicy Sex Details Your Partner Is Probably Spilling To Their Friends

    Pexels 1. If you’ve had sex yet. Once you do, her friends will know about it, because she’ll be wondering what it means. Are you official now? Are you friends with benefits? Are you just seeing where it goes? She needs her BFF’s opinion. 2. The type of protection you two use. She’ll want to know if […]

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    16 Ways To Give Her An Explosive Orgasm While You’re Inside Of Her

    Thought.is 1. Instead of straddling her without warning, try cuddling with her first. If you’re the big spoon, then it’ll be easy for you to play with her hair, reach a hand under her shirt to massage her breasts, and kiss the back of her neck. Get her relaxed. 2. After a few minutes, turn her head […]

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    Get Him Rock Hard With These 16 Risqué Lingerie Tips

    Twenty20, NickBulanovv 1. Buy it cheap. Your boyfriend is going to rip it right off of you, so it’s not like you need anything elaborate. Skip expensive stores like Victoria’s Secret and go to a site like Yandy or Spencer’s, where you can save some cash (and get a free thong). 2. Don’t even tell him you bought lingerie. Just […]

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    15 Key Things You’ll Find Out About Him By The Way He Fucks

    Noah Kalina 1. If he’s a good listener. He should be paying attention to your reactions, so he knows what you like and what you don’t like. If he always does that one move you hate, then he’s not observant. That means you probably won’t get the birthday gift you’ve been hinting at for months. 2. If he’s lazy. Does […]