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    Just Because I Left, Doesn’t Mean I Didn’t Love You

    via Unsplash – Sergey Zolkin It isn’t easy trying to find the words that could convince people when they ask me why I left. Every single person closest to me has noticed how great you were for me. That was exactly the problem. You were such a gentleman on your own. You had the kindest […]

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    Here I Am, Still Thinking About You

    averie woodard I told myself to stop thinking about you because you never think about me. But I really can’t. Thinking about you makes me want to talk to you and beg for you to come back. I reminded myself that if you wanted to talk to me, you would hit me up with a […]

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    Why A ‘Friends With Benefits’ Relationship Is A Complete Waste Of Your Time

    bubblegumwhore You would think a ‘friends with benefits’ relationship would be the best of both worlds. You get to still have your good friend, but now you get to hook up with them with ‘no strings attached’. It’s what everyone wants, a ‘stable’ relationship where no one gets hurt because your friend would never ever want to […]

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    37 Girls On Whether Or Not It’s Ever Okay To Talk To An Ex

    Instagram / Vivien Liu 1. Not if he’s a stupid asshole. “Oddly, I stay in touch with his family but not him. They were basically like ‘he’s being a stupid asshole, we’re sorry’ and I don’t talk to him because…he’s a stupid asshole.” —hey_thatsmyinbox 2. Waking the dead won’t bring the person back. “Breakups hurt, […]

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    I Know What I Want (And What I Want Is You)

    Mateus Lunardi Dutra I want to be with you. I want to stop chasing you. I’m sick of this Ross and Rachel will they won’t they shit. I want you to turn around and say, ‘That’s enough now.’ And I want you to hold your hand out for me to take so we can walk […]

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    Here’s Hoping That Someday You See This

    Instagram Here’s hoping that someday you see this. That someday, you know that I didn’t forget about you. Because I didn’t. Even when you see the read receipt hit when you say that I’m still on your mind and for whatever reason, I don’t say anything back. Even when I hear you’ve asked about me, […]

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    32 Guardians Explain How They Heal Themselves After A Heartbreak

    Each of the Guardian personality types processes breakups a little differently – but there are undeniable similarities in the ways that ESTJs, ISTJs, ESFJs and ISFJs all grieve when they’re brokenhearted. Below, 32 guardian personality types explain what they do to move on from a broken heart. Chel Hirons ESTJ 1. “After a breakup I […]