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    14 Married Men Explain How They Gave Up The Single Life To Commit (Finally!)

    Linas Vaitonis –www.instagram.com/linaswashere/ This 22-year-old asked what to do about the feeling that he’s missing out on life and trying new things by being tied to his relationship in a small town. How do you get over that feeling that the grass is greener somewhere else? Can you? Should you? 1. Gratitude Gratitude. Gotta be more […]

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    35 Things I’ve Learned In 35 Years Of Life

    Thomas Kelley Last week I celebrated my 35th birthday.  In one way the phrase ‘I am 35 years old’ feels like I am getting old as I have lived almost half of my life (if average life expectancy is 75 years) and this saddens me because then I think of all the things I have […]

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    You’ll Never Make Something Of Yourself Unless You Do These 21 Things

    Twenty20, masterone 1. Save the inspirational quotes you see. Words can heal. Words can encourage. Words can motivate. So, whenever you see a quote you like, jot it down in your phone and look at it whenever you have a rough day. 2. Surround yourself with positive people. If all of your friends are unemployed and mooching off their […]

  • Stop Choosing Him Over The Rest Of The World

    Fred Tougas Darling, I know you think he’s your world, but there’s a whole universe out here that doesn’t involve him. You are living in a perfect loving bubble, but it’s too small for your dreams. It’s too small for your heart, too. It’s just not enough for someone like you. You like the adrenaline […]

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    Cool Careers: Chemical Engineer

    What’s it like to be a chemical engineer? Laura and Wade tell us all about their cool career. For more science related videos, games, and activities, head to : http://wonderville.ca source