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    It’s Official: Krampus Is Our New Santa

    Krampus Sure, I laughed along with everybody else when Krampus said he was running for Santa. I remember joking around with my friends like, “Yes! He should run! That would be hilarious!” We couldn’t help but look forward to the media spectacle that would come from a child-torturing, goat-demon running for Santa, a position very […]

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    32 Office Christmas Parties That Got Totally Out Of Hand

    Flickr / Sue Richards 1. My boss showed the entire staff that he has five nipples. “My boss showed the entire staff that he has 5 nipples at the company Christmas party one year. He even let one girl touch the 5th one.” —therin33 2. All thirty of us ended up on top of a […]

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    Dominos Is Developing A Fleet Of Pizza-Delivering Reindeer

    Dominos Japan Something is happening in Japan. Something which fans of pizza and Christmas will be really happy about (but fans of animal labor-rights won’t). Dominos Pizza in Japan is preparing for a brutal winter by turning to Santa’s favorite member of the deer family. Yes, Dominos is actually pondering the use of reindeer to […]