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    Climate Change Means More Mosquito Bites And Fire Ants

    Shutterstock Living in harmony with nature isn’t easy, and insects can make it a lot worse. Granted, we don’t want to anger them since they can eat us, but anybody who’s fought off mosquitoes or fire ants probably wishes they’d go away. Instead, they’re probably going to get much more in your face. Vice spoke […]

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    An Alt-National Parks Service Twitter Handle Is Resisting Climate Change Suppression

    AltUSNatParkService Twitter Although the National Park Service Twitter has been sent to Twitter purgatory by President Trump, a new Twitter account is taking up where it left off. Deeming itself the “AltUSNatParkService,” the page has adopted the mantle of its predecessor by tweeting climate change facts in direct opposition to Trump’s new policies. The National […]

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    You Can No Longer Find The Phrase ‘Climate Change’ On The White House Website

    Via WhiteHouse.gov Donald Trump has only been President of the United States for a few hours, but Barack Obama’s successor has already implemented several stark changes now that his administration is in place. Many of these were hinted at in his combative, fist-clenching inaugural address, which echoed his campaign speeches, but the most immediate effects […]

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    Feds: The Polar Bears Are Dying Off, And Climate Change Is The Killer

    Getty Image The Arctic ice cap is at an all time low. Due to an especially warm winter there’s 28 percent less ice this year than last year. And besides causing more erratic weather patterns around the world, the melting ice is slowly putting the remaining polar bear population up against the ropes. The US […]