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    How To Use Psychology To Make Someone Fall (And Stay) In Love With You

    Leo Hidalgo Do you believe that love can’t be controlled? Do you believe that if a person doesn’t love you from the outset, there’s no chance? Do you believe that it’s impossible to make a person fall madly deeply in love with you? If you’ve answered yes, it’s also highly likely you believe in chance […]

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    2017—This Is What I Hope For You

    Alex Blăjan 2017, this is what I hope for you. I hope you will be a year full of smiles and laughs, instead of tears and regrets. I hope you will be a year that is full of gifts, not of material items, but of good friends and good company. I hope you will be full […]

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    The Art Of Falling In Love With Strangers

    Patrick Tomasso You can fall in love with strangers.It can happen anywhere.On plane rides, busesand in coffee shops. It can happen when you least expect it.On a flight to Austin, Texas.At a loud bar in a city you’ve never visited before.In a country you are seeing for the first time. It can happen on a Tuesday […]

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    21 People Reveal The Most NSFW Thing To Ever Happen At Their School

    @lindsay94ferris School is a pretty shitty place, right? I mean you get ferried to all these classes that you are forced to take and then you leave. But somehow these people made the whole thing even WORSE with all these totally WTF moments. Read on: 1. Spying on girls IT guy was investigating what was […]

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    The Unedited Truth About Why You Suck, Based On Your College Major

    Scrubs Philosophy majors were 90% dudes who were constantly quoting Nietzsche between bong rips, and then 10% random girls who would roll their eyes in class because they knew they were without question smarter than everyone. Philosophy majors are instinctually judgmental, and definitely mutter under their breath or talk shit about you in a group text […]

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    27 People Reveal Why They’re Not Having Sex Right Now

    autumnbphoto 1. “Because I’m at work. Sheesh.”— Jordan, 28 2. “Because my prefered partner is too busy playing Rust.”— Sean, 29 3. “Because I’m single and going to sleep.”— Bailey, 22 4. “I do not leave my parents house.”— Sophia, 24 5. “I’m stuck in the hospital…and that’s definitely the only reason.”— Miles, 30 6. “Because even if I wasn’t […]

  • The Chill Zone: 10 Ways To Make Your Dorm Room The Hang Out Spot

    The dynamics of college social life change from year-to-year. Friends and acquaintances move in and out of your life, and sometimes it seems impossible to keep any kind of consistency in your social circles. The solution? Create a place so completely awesome to hang out that all of your friends will be falling over themselves […]

  • 25 Tiny Unromantic Signs That You’re In Love

      wundervisuals 1. Even though you hate kids, babysitting his little sister is one of your favorite activities. 2. Your appetite shrinks because you can’t handle the butterflies he gives you whenever you see him. 3. You don’t bother closing the bathroom door when he’s there. He’s seen it all before. 4. You secretly prefer eating take out […]