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    I Don’t Know How Much Longer I Can Hold Back From Texting You

    Unsplash / Amadeo Muslimovic I want to talk to you, but I refuse to be the only person that tries. I don’t want to give you any more power over me. So I’ve put restrictions on myself. I’m not allowed to text you. I’m not allowed to check your social media. I’m not allowed to look through our […]

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    15 Things Only People With Zero Social Skills Will Understand

    God & Man 1. Looking someone in the eye is painful. People assume that you aren’t listening when you’re staring at the wall or down at your phone. But really, you’re paying even less attention when you look them in the eyes, because you’re thinking about how awkward it feels and how long you should wait until it’s […]

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    I Was Wrong, You’re Not The Guy For Me

    Thought.is I used to worry that I wasn’t the girl for you but now I know that you’re not the guy for me. You’re never going to be the one who shows up when I’m in pain at 3 am in the morning to hold my hand and spoon me with love and affection. You’re […]

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    27 Thoughts I Had When I Saw You With Her

    God & Man 1. So this is why you stopped texting me? 2. This explains so much. It explains you.  3. I’ll never be her. 4. How could you like two VERY different types? 5. How was I even your type? 6. She doesn’t seem very genuine. She’s looking at you but she’s not seeing you. 7. I think you’re being […]

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    To The Girl He Loved Before Me, You Destroyed Him

    kychan You destroyed him. You destroyed him by taking the key to his hidden gems in another treasure chest. You destroyed him by crashing his trusted ship to an iceberg of excuses. You destroyed him by not making ways to adjust your sail just so you could meet him halfway. You ripped his ego. You […]

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    Maybe You Scare Them Because You Know What You Want

    Pixabay Maybe you scare them because you’re assertive. Because you don’t start things you can’t finish, because you don’t promise anything you can’t deliver and because you’re one of the few people who actually mean what they say, who still value words just as much as actions and you’re still one of the few people […]

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    When I Imagine Future Conversations About You

    Ben Warren You’ll most definitely come up in my future; in my conversations. Even with people I don’t yet know. I’ll be having coffee with a new best friend years from now and we’ll start talking about past loves. “There was this guy…” I’ll tell her and because she won’t know you, she’ll only see […]

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    I’m Trying To Be Okay About The Fact That You’re Getting Married

    Jason Blackeye This is the moment that I’ve been dreading. The part when you’re going to tell me that you’re engaged. The part when my heart shatters into million pieces. The part when I’m unable to immediately fix myself and become whole again. This is the part of our story that I ignored when I […]

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    If You Feel Insecure, You Are In The Wrong Relationship

    God & Man You have a long list of insecurities. The size of your forehead. The width of your thighs. The flab on your waist. But that’s normal. Everyone hates bits and pieces of themselves. Finding your forever person isn’t going to instantly change how hard you cringe when you look in the mirror. Unfortunately, a boy can’t […]

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    Obsessing Over Marriage Will Ruin Dating For You

    unsplash / Zivile& Arunas I recently read a Christian Facebook page post “Date with the purpose of MARRIAGE. It is not for intimacy but for CLARITY to check if the person is suitable for you…” I am a Catholic. Although I do practice the core aspects of my faith and believe checking your and your […]