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    In The New Year, I Promise To Let You Go

    Thought.is I’ve spent so much time fumbling through old pictures, rereading old texts, replaying conversations in my mind of when you used to love me. I never thought such good memories that made me smile would be the very same ones that left me in tears, clenching your old sweatshirt I didn’t give back. I […]

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    I Just Hope That Wherever You Are, Tonight Brings You Healing

    Larm Rmah I’m thinking about you. Right now. Isn’t it strange how we can be miles and miles apart, yet so close in the folds of my mind? So far from one another, yet still looking at the same stars? I don’t know exactly where you are right now. Maybe in a bedroom, staring at […]

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    37 Girls On Whether Or Not It’s Ever Okay To Talk To An Ex

    Instagram / Vivien Liu 1. Not if he’s a stupid asshole. “Oddly, I stay in touch with his family but not him. They were basically like ‘he’s being a stupid asshole, we’re sorry’ and I don’t talk to him because…he’s a stupid asshole.” —hey_thatsmyinbox 2. Waking the dead won’t bring the person back. “Breakups hurt, […]

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    To The Girl Who Has No Problem Being ‘The Other Woman’

    bubblegumwhore I’ve never met you and yet you enter my mind more often than I prefer or would like to admit. I have no idea what you actually look like, my only frame of reference being the filtered pictures you use on your Facebook profile. I don’t have a clue what the sound of your […]

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    Losing You Meant Finding Myself (So Thank You)

    Mateus Lunardi Dutra It wasn’t until I watched my ex finally move on from me that I realized how much I relied on him to fabricate my happiness. We had been fighting an uphill battle for awhile now and as much as we both knew it needed to end for good, we simply couldn’t. I […]

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    I Know What I Want (And What I Want Is You)

    Mateus Lunardi Dutra I want to be with you. I want to stop chasing you. I’m sick of this Ross and Rachel will they won’t they shit. I want you to turn around and say, ‘That’s enough now.’ And I want you to hold your hand out for me to take so we can walk […]

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    You’re Marrying Someone Else, And I’m Finally Accepting It

    @jesslowcher It’s been 1232 days since I saw you. I don’t remember what you were wearing, or if you said the last thing. Maybe I did. It’s blurring together into a nostalgic pang that pulses through my heart. A last time neither of us realized would be “a last time.” Our break up was never […]