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    Coke Zero’s Being Replaced And Everyone’s Panicking

    Coca-Cola Why can’t companies just leave well enough alone? Why must we be constantly tortured with new recipes and discontinued delicious products that are destroying us from the inside out? “WE LIKED THEM THE WAY THEY WERE,” we shout into the void. But no one listens to us, the normal people. They bring in studies […]

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    One Lucky McDonald’s Fan Will Win Ice Cream For Life This Sunday

    Warner Bros/McDonald Remember the dismay on Charlie Bucket’s face when he watched the news reports of other children finding golden tickets to Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory? Well, he wasn’t sad for long because he eventually got his golden ticket and entered a “world of pure imagination” with the purple-suited Wonka. Obviously, that story is a […]

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    Celebrate The NBA Finals With This Sushi Made To Look Like Sneakers

    Instagram/Yujia Hu What do sushi and the NBA’s dopest basketball shoes have in common? One micro-focused chef in Milan, Italy, that’s what. Okay, we’re not going to lie. We all know we live in the world where creating Instagram-able food is a marketing tactic that feels more like Don Draper on a blissed out bender […]

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    This Little Trick Is Being Called The ‘Libertarian Way To Tip’

    ScotHibb/Reddit Anytime I see something viral about restaurant tipping, I brace myself. Because for every great story about a waiter being tipped an insane amount by a good samaritan, there’s a terrible story about jerks who bully their server by threatening to take away money or leave a bible verse instead of a tip. Luckily, […]