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    It’s National Cookie Day; Here Are All The Places You Can Grab Some Delicious Cookies For Free

    Shutterstock Sunday is National Cookie Day, which means that it’s the perfect excuse to ruin your appetite before dinner (or lunch…or breakfast?) with a pile of delicious cookies. It’s the weekend, so nobody would dare judge you for indulging a sweet tooth. Luckily, all of the cookie fiends out there will be enabled by shops […]

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    Notes From ‘Modern Craftsman’ — A Pop-Up Tavern Experience

    Subscribe to UPROXX I received a DM a few days ago from Matthew Cummings, a glass blower I interviewed for Uproxx last June. “Hey, David! I’m in San Francisco today, stumbling around the city and checking out the beer scene,” he said. “Let me know if you wanna grab a beer!” It was exciting to […]

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    Today Is The Day You Finally Make Yourself The Famous ‘Moist Maker’ From ‘Friends’

    NBC Everyone who has a Netflix account rejoiced when “Friends” was finally added last year. Fans of the show were once again treated to Chanandler Bong, ugly naked guy and Ross’ pet monkey Marcel. With Thanksgiving in the rearview, the time is right to unearth another “Friends” classic: “The Moist Maker” Recently, Youtuber Binging with […]

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    Here’s How To Eat 5,000 Calories On Thanksgiving Like The Rock

    Getty Image If you’re like me, every life choice you make requires one simple question: “What would The Rock do?” One thing he does, according to 538, is eat 5,000 calories per day to maintain his buff body. Think about all the trash with which you fill your body on a daily basis and it’s […]

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    Dominos Is Developing A Fleet Of Pizza-Delivering Reindeer

    Dominos Japan Something is happening in Japan. Something which fans of pizza and Christmas will be really happy about (but fans of animal labor-rights won’t). Dominos Pizza in Japan is preparing for a brutal winter by turning to Santa’s favorite member of the deer family. Yes, Dominos is actually pondering the use of reindeer to […]

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    Learn The Fasciating History Behind New York’s Famous Chopped Cheese Sandwich

    First We Feast First there was the longform piece by First We Feast’s Justin Bolois, examining the origins of the “chopped cheese.” Then there was Insider Food’s “discovery” of the sandwich, followed by Harlem comedian Jeffrey Almonte’s passionate reaction to said discovery. Now, there’s an entire documentary — which celebrates this piece of culinary magic […]

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    The Oreo Candy Bar Is Here And People Are Fired Up

    Mondalez International Sometimes a new product will hit the shelves and make you think, “Wow. How come no one ever thought to make that before?” This is one of those times. Because, folks, the Oreo candy bar is here. And it makes all the sense in the world. Mondalez International, the company responsible for Oreos, […]

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    These Dishes Illustrate Why Everyone Is Lining Up At NYC’s Cheesecake Factory

    Shutterstock/The Cheesecake Factory The Cheesecake Factory — one of America’s finest restaurants and fight me if you think otherwise — has finally opened in New York City (a place heretofore completely devoid of culture). Completely unsurprisingly, people have been lining up around the block in order to take advantage of the restaurant’s relaxing atmosphere (once […]

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    Apparently Pabst Has Been Sending Free Pizzas Around The Country All Month

    Uproxx Viral marketing stunts span the range from “solidly clever” to “semi-amusing” to “ugh, you idiots” to “not this crap again.” In general, the public is quick to call out which is which — meaning that the “Hey, I’ve got a sweet viral stunt“-dude in the office can potentially wreck the whole company. It’s a […]