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    How The ‘Sioux Chef’ Is Fighting To Recover America’s Native Cuisine

    Last year, Zach Johnston — a Native American writer keenly interested in Native American cuisine — helped deliver the tale of Sean Sherman to the masses. It was a larger-than-life narrative: One chef fighting to recover a food culture destroyed by the European colonization. Zach’s piece reminded us of how vital food is in our […]

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    Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day With These Classic Irish Dishes

    Shutterstock Saint Patrick’s Day is just around the corner. Rivers and beer will be turned green around the USA. Street parties will break out from Chicago to Cork. Typically, St. Patrick’s Day in the US focuses on Irish mainstays Guinness and Jameson — people are eager to get tipsy on the old country’s tipple. But […]

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    These Travel Writers Will Save Your Next Vacation With Their Hilarious New Show

    The Travel Channel Jason Kessler and Jeff Miller’s friendship consists of the kind of easy banter and chemistry that makes you absolutely want to be their new best friend. It’s a chemistry that’s both effortless and intoxicating. And it translates beautifully to their brand new show, Trip Testers, on Travel Channel — not just because […]

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    These Recipes From The Author Of ‘Symmetry Breakfast’ Will Make You Look Like A True Romantic

    Unsplash Michael Zee, author of Symmetry Breakfast and creator of the wildly popular Instagram of the same name is an expert in the small loving touches that strengthen and solidify a romance. He’s spent years making incredible breakfasts as an ongoing love letter to his boyfriend, Mark. And he must have done something (or cooked […]

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    This Graphic Of Nutella Ingredients Has The Whole World Rethinking Breakfast

    Shutterstock It shouldn’t come as a shock that a hazelnut and chocolate paste you can spread on almost anything probably isn’t that great for your health. Nothing gets that creamy by chance. Last month, an intrepid Redditor found a graphic that German news source Welt ran breaking down the key ingredients of Nutella. That Redditor […]

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    Dominos Is The Only Place You Should Register For Your Wedding

    Shutterstock/UPROXX The best part about getting married — besides baldly snubbing everyone you hate with wedding invites — is registering for gifts you’ve always wanted but will never use. How many woks do you need, friend? Will you really use 15 decorative towels in one lifetime? Who the hell uses china anymore? All good questions! […]

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    Here’s A Review Of Every Order I Made On Grubhub In 2016

    I vaguely remember justifying the purchase of Mozzarella Sticks because it was New Years? This was certainly a pivotal moment for me, because it’s when I first discovered the Pizza Fresca Buffalo Chicken Salad. The concept of this salad is brilliant, because to cover up the fact you are ordering shitty wilted-ass lettuce from a […]