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    ‘Everybody Hurts Sometimes,’ 16 Men And Women Share The Inspriring Ways They Beat Sadness And Get Happy Again

    hakimihaslan / www.twenty20.com/photos/dfd01338-e17c-4c3a-b371-dbcce013f068 Sadness is sometimes circumstantial, sometimes crushing, and sometimes it’s just time to be sad but below are 16 true stories from people who didn’t it let it control their lives and used it to enrich themselves.  Get outside and take a walk for an hour. Exercise even a little bit. Does wonders for your […]

  • Remember When People Were Enough

    Jordan McQueen Remember when just meeting up with your friends was enough? When we didn’t obsess over digital proof of a friendship and having a good time. Remember when silence was enough? When we didn’t have to fill that void of nothing with blinking notifications because the silence was too loud. Remember when a conversation was enough? When we […]

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