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    How Birth Control Killed My Relationship

    Arnel Hasanovic Scott* and I had been together for almost three years when I decided get off birth control. I made that choice because my sex life was dull. And by dull, I mean non-existent. It was nobody’s fault. He tried. I wasn’t interested, though I wished I was. And I knew the pill was […]

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    It Would Be Better If People Understood

    Franca Gimenez It would be much better if I wasn’t tired all the time. Any activity from having a shower to partaking in a lecture just exhaust me. The thought of having to get out of bed to do anything is exhausting. People think I’m lazy and that I can’t be bothered. I wish I […]

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    You Deserve The Kind Of Love I Could Never Give You

    Josh Shutler You deserve the kind of love that I could never give you. The permanent kind. The kind that lasts. That stays. I could only give you a slice of it. Just a slither of my heart. And you deserved the whole organ. You did. You deserve the kind of love that isn’t fleeting. […]

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    You’re Depressed? I’m Not, But Try These Quick And Easy Cures

    Daniella Urdinlaz When I tell people I suffer from depression, the absolute last thing I want to hear is their ‘advice’. There’s always someone who’s all “have you tried [obvious shit]?” or “you know what worked for my cousin’s girlfriend? [some ridiculous shit]” or “my friend had [completely different condition] and now they’re fine thanks […]

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    From 56 To 221 Pounds: My Eating Disorder Journey

    Nicole Mason Reality: Every organ in my body was failing, and my parents were told to plan my funeral, as anorexia finally seemed to be winning when my weight dropped to 56 pounds.  Me: I’m fine! I’m fat! I hate myself! I’m a worthless person. I don’t deserve help or to be happy. This is […]

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    Anxiety Makes You Look Like An Asshole

    God & Man I don’t reach out to people. I’m terrified of talking on the phone and starting conversations with strangers. I’m even scared of texting certain friends and coming on too strong, of graduating from a concerned friend to an annoying nuisance. So I delete messages. I wait too long to answer back. I don’t let […]

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    You’re Allowed To Move On

    God & Man You’re allowed to move on. To move on from a life that has done nothing but bruise you. To move on from a friend who has done nothing but belittle you. And to move on from a past lover, who did nothing but break you. There’s nothing wrong with moving on. So […]

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    This Is Why People With Anxiety Are The Best People To Fall In Love With

    Thought.is People with anxiety aren’t perfect, but nobody is. When you love someone who has anxiety, you’re loving someone who is in tune with their every emotion. Someone who feels everything with their being and doesn’t apologize for it. When you love someone who has anxiety you are loving someone who is sensitive and empathetic. And […]