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    This Graphic Of Nutella Ingredients Has The Whole World Rethinking Breakfast

    Shutterstock It shouldn’t come as a shock that a hazelnut and chocolate paste you can spread on almost anything probably isn’t that great for your health. Nothing gets that creamy by chance. Last month, an intrepid Redditor found a graphic that German news source Welt ran breaking down the key ingredients of Nutella. That Redditor […]

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    This Porn Site Is Fighting Utah’s Rejection Of Comprehensive Sex Ed In A Novel Way

    xHamster Terrible news for the citizens of Utah: After the state struck down legislation that would allow parents to enroll their children in comprehensive sexual education programs, xHamster, the site which once gave a Ted Cruz lookalike $10,000 for a self-made sex video, is fighting back. Now anyone visiting the site from Utah will get […]

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    IKEA Recalls Beach Chairs Because They’re Trying To Kill You And Take Over The World

    IKEA The movies tell us one thing: If there’s any non-human/non-ghost entity out there trying to murder you and take your precious blood it’s either a giant plant from another planet, rotten tomatoes, some kind of swamp monster, or, even more terrifyingly (in thought, but not in execution) nature in its entirety. But what Hollywood […]

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    This Is The Worst Sex Advice Anyone Has Ever Gotten

    Shutterstock When I was in the 10th grade, I got what I assumed was the worst sex advice anyone has ever received. In a class on “saying no” and “not sending mixed signals” our elderly teacher informed us that if we men wanted to stop our sexual urges while “in the heat of the moment,” […]

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    Doctors Offer An Incredibly Gross Reason To Avoid Cleaning Your Ears

    Shutterstock Earwax, despite what some of the grossest videos on the internet would have you believe, is a natural thing. It doesn’t mean your ears are dirty, and the wax doesn’t need to be removed, as the ear will handle that itself unless you have a problem. Or you could use swabs, and give yourself […]

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    Would You Lather Up With Soap Made From Human Breast Milk?

    Roth Films What do you do when you have too much breastmilk and nowhere to put it? If you’re a normal, boring, everyday kind of mom, you just dump all that delicious white gold into the garbage and forget it ever existed; or, if you’re one of those people who’s feeling particularly generous, you donate […]

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    The News Your Year Needed: Eating Cheese Linked To A Longer Life

    Shutterstock After the rough year that 2016 has been, most people probably don’t want to think about adding years to their lives. Unless you’re Ruth Bader Ginsburg and pretty much need to stay alive for four to five more years in order to maintain any semblance of order in the free world. Based on a […]