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  • screen-shot-2015-06-23-at-9-56-08-pm.png

    How To Stop Wanting To Be Thin

    People Magazine A few years ago during some holiday gathering or another, I sat with my family and we played one of those charade games where you ask questions to get people to say words and those words combine into a phrase and your team only has a fixed amount of time to get it right. […]

  • screen-shot-2017-03-17-at-2-11-37-pm.png

    You’re Depressed? I’m Not, But Try These Quick And Easy Cures

    Daniella Urdinlaz When I tell people I suffer from depression, the absolute last thing I want to hear is their ‘advice’. There’s always someone who’s all “have you tried [obvious shit]?” or “you know what worked for my cousin’s girlfriend? [some ridiculous shit]” or “my friend had [completely different condition] and now they’re fine thanks […]

  • nicole-mason-19736.jpg

    From 56 To 221 Pounds: My Eating Disorder Journey

    Nicole Mason Reality: Every organ in my body was failing, and my parents were told to plan my funeral, as anorexia finally seemed to be winning when my weight dropped to 56 pounds.  Me: I’m fine! I’m fat! I hate myself! I’m a worthless person. I don’t deserve help or to be happy. This is […]

  • asjl0uigor.jpg

    You’re Allowed To Have Bad Days

    Benjamin Combs It’s a Wednesday. I wake up feeling a little more sluggish than the two days before. My body is tired and my mind is over the day before I even leave bed. This frustrates me. I stare at my Facebook and Instagram repeatedly for a solid 30 minutes before I pull myself out […]

  • nutella-shutter.jpg

    This Graphic Of Nutella Ingredients Has The Whole World Rethinking Breakfast

    Shutterstock It shouldn’t come as a shock that a hazelnut and chocolate paste you can spread on almost anything probably isn’t that great for your health. Nothing gets that creamy by chance. Last month, an intrepid Redditor found a graphic that German news source Welt ran breaking down the key ingredients of Nutella. That Redditor […]

  • xhamster.jpg

    This Porn Site Is Fighting Utah’s Rejection Of Comprehensive Sex Ed In A Novel Way

    xHamster Terrible news for the citizens of Utah: After the state struck down legislation that would allow parents to enroll their children in comprehensive sexual education programs, xHamster, the site which once gave a Ted Cruz lookalike $10,000 for a self-made sex video, is fighting back. Now anyone visiting the site from Utah will get […]

  • ikea.jpg

    IKEA Recalls Beach Chairs Because They’re Trying To Kill You And Take Over The World

    IKEA The movies tell us one thing: If there’s any non-human/non-ghost entity out there trying to murder you and take your precious blood it’s either a giant plant from another planet, rotten tomatoes, some kind of swamp monster, or, even more terrifyingly (in thought, but not in execution) nature in its entirety. But what Hollywood […]