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    The News Your Year Needed: Eating Cheese Linked To A Longer Life

    Shutterstock After the rough year that 2016 has been, most people probably don’t want to think about adding years to their lives. Unless you’re Ruth Bader Ginsburg and pretty much need to stay alive for four to five more years in order to maintain any semblance of order in the free world. Based on a […]

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    Entitlement Is Killing Your Joy; Here’s How To Let It Go

    Unsplash People love to complain about millennials, with their raging narcissism unchecked entitlement. But, let’s get real. You want to see peak entitlement? Check out the 15th Century, often termed the Age of Discovery (Thanks, Columbus!). Because, at its worst, entitlement leads to expectations about other people’s possessions, bodies, and land. Luckily, every contemporary person […]

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    An Experimental New Drug May Soon Make Alzheimer’s A Treatable Condition

    Shutterstock There’s a lot we don’t know about Alzheimer’s, but a strong theory for its cause is the build-up of amyloid plaques in the brain. As the plaques collect, they begin interfering with the brain’s function, causing memory loss and other symptoms before terminating in death. Removing those plaques has been a primary focus, with […]

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    21 Things That Happen Every Single Time You Go To The Gynecologist

    30 Rock 1. The waiting room is filled with pregnant women who are about to embark on a magical journey of motherhood, and you, who’s just mentally praying that everything is fine down there. 2. You stare daggers at any men who are in the waiting room too. They don’t even know how hard it […]

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    The Secret Life Of An Ex-Tumblr-Famous Fitspo Icon

    iStockPhoto.com / Anne Baek 7,000 followers. That’s a lot of people. Maybe not as many as other famous Tumblr bloggers have, but to me, 7,000 was a significant following – a significant enough following to label myself as quasi-Tumblr famous (at least within the fitspo community). From the outside I seemed like the girl who […]

  • Elon Musk’s Brother Is Launching An Insanely Cheap, Organic Fast Food Chain

    Via thekitchen.com Back in February, we brought you news of an organic fast-food drive-thru joint owned by professional basketball player Ray Allen. We also covered Roy Choi’s Locol, in Watts. Now another entrepreneur is fueling the health food train with an organic grab-and-go restaurant that’s not only healthy and sustainable but affordable too. As in $5 […]

  • Can LG’s Ultrasound TV Really Repel Mosquitos?

    Shutterstock For most U.S. residents, the mosquito is an annoyance that simply comes with the summer territory, but across the developing world, it’s a vector of disease. Zika is the most obvious mosquito-borne illness people are buzzing (zing!) about lately, but in the tropics, malaria and dengue fever spread through mosquitos, with malaria alone killing […]