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    Give Yourself Permission To Feel

    Aral Tasher Growing up, it seems that most of us are presented with the idea of strength as a variation of stoicism. We’re often taught that being strong means being quiet about our darker emotions. We’re told that strong people project happiness; they keep their darkness to themselves. Strong people don’t lose control in front […]

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    This Is Why You Have No Idea How Badly She’s Been Hurting

    God & Man You don’t realize that she’s hurting, because she doesn’t want to make a big deal out of anything. She doesn’t want to turn something small into something major. So she forgives you for things you never even realized she was mad about in the first place. She keeps giving you chance after […]

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    How To Use Psychology To Make A Long Distance Relationship Work Long-term

    God & Man From my experience of helping couples create solid long distance relationships, I have compiled the following information for this article. Long distance relationship psychology advice has much to do with what you shouldn’t do in addition to what you should do. While you follow this long distance relationship advice and apply it […]

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    It All Started With A Glance

    Audrey Reid That’s how it happens. It always leads back to a single point. One look, one kiss, one touch of a hand, and suddenly you don’t belong to yourself anymore. In the space of an instant, you are erased and reborn, rearranged into a new incarnation of you—a you that looks and behaves like […]

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    This Is Why It Kills Me To See You Go Back To Him

    God & Man That boy is quicksand, he will ruin your life if you let him but you can’t see that. You can’t see it because you’re blind by his ‘love’ and you only want to believe what’s in your head. You hear his lies, you believe him when he promises he won’t do it […]

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    You Loved Me Enough To Let Me Destroy You

    Unsplash / Max Newhall You told me you loved me as one loved certain dark things. My dark clothes, dark hair, dark eyes and dark soul. You loved me in silence, in secret and in solitude. Some peculiar creature glowing in my dimly lit vicinity, a firefly that didn’t burn when it touched me, because […]

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    People Always Leave

    Twenty20 / @tomkahler People are always going to leave. It’s just a part of life. And it’s going to happen, whether you like it or not. There’s no stopping it. I don’t know why everyone is in a rush to turn away. Why everyone is in such a rush to run. I don’t understand why […]

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    This Is Why Insecure Girls Stay Single For So Long

    Unsplash / Ryan Winterbotham You’re not single, because of the size of your breasts, nose, or waist. You’re not single, because you’re ugly or boring or dumb. You’re not single, because you’re damaged, broken, or unlovable. Those nasty things you say to yourself when you look into the mirror or at a photograph aren’t true. Your supposed ‘flaws’ aren’t […]

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    I’m Learning To Be Me Even If It Means Losing You

    Allef Vinicius I’m learning to tell you how I feelbecause I don’t want to be the only one dreamingand you’re out there living.I’m learning to say it even if it’s too soon. I’m learning to speak up when I don’t agree —when I ask you why it took you too long to respond,when I ask […]

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    This Is Why The Girls With Soft Hearts Get Screwed Over The Most

    God & Man She always ends up in almost relationships, in texting relationships, in broken relationships — but that’s not her fault. She keeps getting screwed over, because she gives out a million chances, but no one ever gives her a chance. When she finds someone that she can see a future with, she puts in […]