Tag: Heartbreak

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    I Was Wrong, You’re Not The Guy For Me

    Thought.is I used to worry that I wasn’t the girl for you but now I know that you’re not the guy for me. You’re never going to be the one who shows up when I’m in pain at 3 am in the morning to hold my hand and spoon me with love and affection. You’re […]

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    27 Thoughts I Had When I Saw You With Her

    God & Man 1. So this is why you stopped texting me? 2. This explains so much. It explains you.  3. I’ll never be her. 4. How could you like two VERY different types? 5. How was I even your type? 6. She doesn’t seem very genuine. She’s looking at you but she’s not seeing you. 7. I think you’re being […]

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    Please Forgive Me, One More Time

    Riccardo Fissore Please forgive me, one more timefor all the things I saidand all the things I didn’t.Forgive me for thinking you’ll always stay. Please forgive me, one more timefor the days I didn’t appreciate youand the nights I took your love for granted.Forgive me for thinking I could replace you. Please forgive me, one […]

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    When I Imagine Future Conversations About You

    Ben Warren You’ll most definitely come up in my future; in my conversations. Even with people I don’t yet know. I’ll be having coffee with a new best friend years from now and we’ll start talking about past loves. “There was this guy…” I’ll tell her and because she won’t know you, she’ll only see […]

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    This Is What I Felt When I Saw You With Her

    God And Man I spent a little bit longer getting ready that day doing a double take in every window as I got closer. I walked into a crowded room looking for you immediately. I was caught between nerves and excitement knowing very well you’d be there. Then you walked in and our eyes met […]

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    The Reality Of Trying To Love Again When Your Heart Is Broken

    Raluca Vlad “The past can only be escaped by embracing something better.” -Nicholas Sparks It’s like you’re going through the motions of doing exactly what you’re supposed to but you don’t feel anything. You’ve grown so numb to waking up empty, you’ve become used to it. It’s pain becoming this comfort zone and you don’t […]

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    Time Doesn’t Heal All Wounds, And That’s Okay

    unsplash.com “Time heals all wounds.” We’ve heard it before. It’s the saying that we’ve held close and hoped would tend to our hurt. We’ve put the bandages away. We’ve tucked the polysporin back into the medicine cabinet. And we’ve hoped, however in vain, that the days passing further away from the moment life cut into […]

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    It’s Time For Me To Let You Go, And Let Someone Else In

    roya ann miller I am losing you. The distance has become as vast as the horizon. I am losing you. I feel it fading away. You are now enveloped in a thick mist. I can no longer reach you. The green light has ceased to blink. It’s beacon has grown dim. But this time, I […]