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    In The New Year, I Promise To Let You Go

    Thought.is I’ve spent so much time fumbling through old pictures, rereading old texts, replaying conversations in my mind of when you used to love me. I never thought such good memories that made me smile would be the very same ones that left me in tears, clenching your old sweatshirt I didn’t give back. I […]

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    Maybe This Is Why I’ll Never Stop Loving You

    Brandon Woelfel You were the one thing I couldn’t have, so I ran. I understand it now, as I watch the San Francisco lights dance past this airplane window. I realize that you are the one man whom I would settle down with, start a life with, build a future with. There’s something about you, […]

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    The Truth About How You Become A Strong Woman After Heartbreak

    FadilahPH Pride is stubborn. It refuses to let you understand your feelings. Some people have little pride and some people have a lot. Pride shows in different ways.  It can show in your pride to be right, your pride to work well, or your pride to love. I have a lot of pride for being an independent […]

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    Why A ‘Friends With Benefits’ Relationship Is A Complete Waste Of Your Time

    bubblegumwhore You would think a ‘friends with benefits’ relationship would be the best of both worlds. You get to still have your good friend, but now you get to hook up with them with ‘no strings attached’. It’s what everyone wants, a ‘stable’ relationship where no one gets hurt because your friend would never ever want to […]

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    When You Realize That The Person You Love Doesn’t Love You

    unsplash.com The first time you realize the person you love doesn’t love you is always a shocking and defining moment. After all, the recognition that someone doesn’t love you, in no way turns your love off for them. Nothing comes with the epiphany to help you. I once realized that the man I loved didn’t […]

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    You Will Move On, No Matter How Hard It Seems Right Now

    H Influencer Collective / Alivia Latimer Healing is trying to detach from the person you imagined spending your life with. It’s learning how to live without someone you’ve become to dependent on. It’s learning to find happiness again in yourself when you’ve spent so much time leaning on them to cheer you up when you […]

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    I Know What I Want (And What I Want Is You)

    Mateus Lunardi Dutra I want to be with you. I want to stop chasing you. I’m sick of this Ross and Rachel will they won’t they shit. I want you to turn around and say, ‘That’s enough now.’ And I want you to hold your hand out for me to take so we can walk […]