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    The Director Of Netflix’s ‘To The Bone’ Responds To The Controversy Over The Film’s Depiction Of Eating Disorders

    Netflix Netflix is currently weathering another wave of controversy over content alleged to be “triggering” in its portrayal of a real world issue. This time around its a Sundance approved drama featuring Lily Collins playing a young anorexic woman that’s generating questions about how sensitive subject matter should presented on the streaming service. The film, […]

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  • The United Kingdom Decides To #Brexit And Celebrities Are Crestfallen

    Getty Image Thursday evening saw global chaos as the United Kingdom voted (with 52% approval) in favor of kissing the European Union goodbye. And once the votes were clear, the British pound immediately crashed to its lowest level since 1985. The global markets are now in disarray, and the fallout will take years to determine. […]