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    26 Tiny Things You Need To Start Doing For Yourself This Year

    aubreeplodinec 1. Use good-quality moisturizer on your face every morning, every night, or, if you live in a dry, cold climate, both. 2. Unfollow all of the Instagram accounts and Facebook friends that make you feel like shit. Unsubscribe to all of the random-ass e-newsletters that show up in your inbox even though you don’t […]

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    In 2017 Do Whatever The Hell Makes You Happy

    Allegra Messina This is your year – the year you stop making everyone happy besides yourself, the year you know you matter and the year you let your voice shine. This is the year of you. This year don’t do things like 2016. Don’t surrender your happiness in order to make someone else happy while […]

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    2016 — I’m Ready To Let You Go

    Clarisse Meyer I’m ready. I’m ready to let you go. I’m ready to say goodbye to my favorite parts of you, the special memories, the moments I wish I could rewind. I’m ready to let them go, I’m ready to loosen my grip and welcome new ones. I’m ready to let the moments I loved slip […]

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    Here’s What Makes You A Great Girlfriend, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

    Thought.Is Aries: Very emotional, hot headed people. They tend to get jealous easy, and need someone to keep up with them. She is forceful, but not in a bad way, she’s just very passionate, and can be too “spicy” for some people. She likes when her lover gives most if not all the attention, and […]

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    17 Things You Should Say Goodbye To In 2017

    alivialatimer Say goodbye to the thoughts that haunt you late at night to tell you that you’re not good enough. Think of how you always prove them wrong and prove them wrong one more time. Say goodbye to the ones who didn’t appreciate you, the ones who didn’t answer your calls or your texts, the […]

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    13 Reasons Why I Hate Living With My Parents

    image – Shutterstock My parents recently pulled a drug test on me and to no one’s surprise; I failed (honestly lucky THC was the only thing that showed up). Being an avid weed lover but constantly away at school the last two years was the ideal set-up. This was all shattered the moment my parents […]

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    30 Beautiful, Everyday Things That We Forget To Be Thankful For

    Sam Landreth 1. Simply having another day where you can open your eyes and get out of bed. 2. When the forecast says there’s a 100% chance of rain. And then the forecast is wrong. 3. Waking up and remembering after a few seconds that it’s Saturday. 4. And then going back to bed. 5. A friend […]

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    30 Sobering Realizations You Need To Have In Order To Be Truly Happy

    chantylove 1. Change is inevitable and uncomfortable, and you’ll survive it. We go to great lengths to avoid change or to ensure we’re totally prepared for it, but you can never totally prepare. Change/transition is inevitable and uncomfortable, and we can choose to view it as liberating or devastating. Humans are adaptive and I promise […]

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    I Don’t Want To Do What Everyone Else Is Doing

    Zechariah Lee I don’t want to wake up every day, drive to a job I don’t like, sit in traffic and force a smile to get through another day at work, pretending that I like my colleagues, pretending that my boss is the smartest person in the room and pretending that this job is not […]