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    This Is The Pain Of Missing You

    Seth Doyle Today I woke up, the dream of us lingering like a fog over my thoughts and skin, until the sun breaks. And then, degree-by-degree, the peace of us together burns off, and I remember the pain. You are gone. And I am missing you. I drank my coffee black this morning, only to […]

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    What It’s Like To Lose The (Canine) Love Of Your Life

    There’s something truly unique about the bond between dog and dog owner. Whether you’re relaxing on the couch scratching your dog’s stomach, running together, or playing fetch in the park, a dog is loyal to the core, always his or her drooling, panting, authentic self. We’ve partnered with Tito’s Handmade Vodka, which advocates for rescue […]

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    Why Didn’t You Fight For Me?

    Grace Chung I wanted to believe you when you said you wanted me. I wanted it more than those cookies from Safeway with pink frosting. More than VIP tickets to a Beyonce concert. More than unlimited pizza that also miraculously doesn’t contain any calories. More than laughter, wine, and seeing all my favorite people in […]

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    Losing You Meant Finding Myself (So Thank You)

    Mateus Lunardi Dutra It wasn’t until I watched my ex finally move on from me that I realized how much I relied on him to fabricate my happiness. We had been fighting an uphill battle for awhile now and as much as we both knew it needed to end for good, we simply couldn’t. I […]

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    He Was Everything I Wanted, But I’m Still Thankful He Let Go

    Victoriia Z I don’t mind moving on. It’s something that needs to happen. We are two people going different places. Nothing in common except a passion for life and new experiences. We weren’t going to make it. We never stood a chance. But it’s funny how easily you can convince yourself otherwise when caught up […]

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    For All Those With A Dog Sleeping In Their Heart

    micki There’s a beautiful poem that discusses at length that through the pain of losing your dog, there is still the beauty of having them in your life, as they are now merely living, and sleeping, in your heart. That beauty, however, is hard to grasp, in the moments after you nonchalantly pick up your […]