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    15 Things Only People With Zero Social Skills Will Understand

    God & Man 1. Looking someone in the eye is painful. People assume that you aren’t listening when you’re staring at the wall or down at your phone. But really, you’re paying even less attention when you look them in the eyes, because you’re thinking about how awkward it feels and how long you should wait until it’s […]

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    You Deserve The Kind Of Love I Could Never Give You

    Josh Shutler You deserve the kind of love that I could never give you. The permanent kind. The kind that lasts. That stays. I could only give you a slice of it. Just a slither of my heart. And you deserved the whole organ. You did. You deserve the kind of love that isn’t fleeting. […]

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    What Love Looks Like When Your Husband Has A Girlfriend

    Jeremy Bishop Think about your partner. Think about the way they make you feel. You know everything about each other — every freckle, every wrinkle, the meaning behind every noise they emit. This is your person through and through. Now imagine them kissing someone else. Is your heart in your asshole? Even imagining it can […]

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    You’re Allowed To Move On

    God & Man You’re allowed to move on. To move on from a life that has done nothing but bruise you. To move on from a friend who has done nothing but belittle you. And to move on from a past lover, who did nothing but break you. There’s nothing wrong with moving on. So […]

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    If You Feel Insecure, You Are In The Wrong Relationship

    God & Man You have a long list of insecurities. The size of your forehead. The width of your thighs. The flab on your waist. But that’s normal. Everyone hates bits and pieces of themselves. Finding your forever person isn’t going to instantly change how hard you cringe when you look in the mirror. Unfortunately, a boy can’t […]

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    Obsessing Over Marriage Will Ruin Dating For You

    unsplash / Zivile& Arunas I recently read a Christian Facebook page post “Date with the purpose of MARRIAGE. It is not for intimacy but for CLARITY to check if the person is suitable for you…” I am a Catholic. Although I do practice the core aspects of my faith and believe checking your and your […]

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    This Is Why People With Anxiety Are The Best People To Fall In Love With

    Thought.is People with anxiety aren’t perfect, but nobody is. When you love someone who has anxiety, you’re loving someone who is in tune with their every emotion. Someone who feels everything with their being and doesn’t apologize for it. When you love someone who has anxiety you are loving someone who is sensitive and empathetic. And […]

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    12 Ways He Wants You To Be A Bad Girl In Bed

    God and Man 1. He wants you to swallow. Or to let him cum all over your chest. Your back. Your butt. Basically, he doesn’t want to finish inside of a condom. 2. He wants you to be selfish. Not entirely selfish, because he still wants to get off. But he wants you to touch yourself. Your nipples. Your […]