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    Only Some People Will Stay, Let Go Of Those Who Don’t

    Brigitte Tohm All relationships are built on unsaid promises. In life, we definitely will find someone who can gather our missing pieces. When? How? Where? Will they stay forever? There are so many unanswered questions. The only way to discover is to live, maybe take some risks. Some people enter our life nonchalantly. Teach us […]

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    You Are So Much More Than The Mistakes You’ve Made

    Larm Rmah We’ve all done things we aren’t proud of. Made decisions that we’ve immediately wished we could take back. Uttered words out loud that have instantly twisted our gut with a pang of discomfort and regret. We’ve all done things without thinking, or while only thinking of ourselves and no one else. We’ve all […]

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    Someday All Your Broken Pieces Will Heal, And Someday Is Today

    Serkan Göktay I was 23 and you were 28. We were sitting on the sand side by side, the waves kissing our feet as we talked for hours while we ignored the scorching sun. Our fingers laced around each other’s hands as you promised that you would never let me go. And in that very […]

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    This Is The Pain Of Missing You

    Seth Doyle Today I woke up, the dream of us lingering like a fog over my thoughts and skin, until the sun breaks. And then, degree-by-degree, the peace of us together burns off, and I remember the pain. You are gone. And I am missing you. I drank my coffee black this morning, only to […]

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    In Order To Heal, You Must Forgive

    Brooke Cagle Forgiveness is hard enough, but when you’re the person you can’t forgive, it’s even more challenging. We are our own worst critic and in order to heal we must forgive ourselves. How can we learn to forgive ourselves? Write it out – take out a pen and paper and write down everything you […]

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    I Will Fall In Love Again, And This Time It Won’t Be With You

    Gulliaume Bolduc I wanted to write you love songs,thousands of unexpressed words I failed to deliver in your presence.All these feelings I wished to mold into a glorious craft,but you didn’t deserve them,no you didn’t. When you said my voice was the melody you wanted to hear first in the morning, you lied. When you […]

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    Why I’m Quitting My Job Without Having A Plan

    Seth Doyle I’m about to do one the craziest things I’ve ever done in my life. I’m quitting my job. With no backup plan. After I just bought a house. While my boyfriend is out on disability. If bad timing was an Olympic sport, I’d win a gold medal. But I realized the other night, […]

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    17 Things You Should Say Goodbye To In 2017

    alivialatimer Say goodbye to the thoughts that haunt you late at night to tell you that you’re not good enough. Think of how you always prove them wrong and prove them wrong one more time. Say goodbye to the ones who didn’t appreciate you, the ones who didn’t answer your calls or your texts, the […]