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    Apparently Pabst Has Been Sending Free Pizzas Around The Country All Month

    Uproxx Viral marketing stunts span the range from “solidly clever” to “semi-amusing” to “ugh, you idiots” to “not this crap again.” In general, the public is quick to call out which is which — meaning that the “Hey, I’ve got a sweet viral stunt“-dude in the office can potentially wreck the whole company. It’s a […]

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    This Pizza Shop Owner Wants To Trade XL Pizzas For Guns

    Uproxx One of the most controversial and urgent issues facing our nation today is gun control. With an unprecedented number of mass shootings taking place in the last decade, the rights discussed in the second amendment have generated ongoing conversation and pressing political debate. A handful of different tactics have been used to ignite change […]

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    Pope Francis Is Now Hosting Summer Pizza Parties For The Homeless

    Getty Image Pope Francis has shown that he can be a pretty cool dude. From joining Instagram to looking fear directly in the face, the religious leader the internet has dubbed “Cool Pope” has made it seem like he’s making the Vatican a pretty rad place to hang out. And he’s continuing his run of good […]

  • David Cameron’s Big Brexit Slip-Up May Have Happened Over Pizza

    Left: Getty Images, Right: Shutterstock Forgot Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris, Great Britain’s breakup with the European Union after Thursday’s Brexit vote is the dissolution of the summer (and probably for some time beyond that, of course). The fallout from Brexit will likely be bad enough, but now the British media is trying to bring […]

  • An Angry Customer Called 911 To Report A Lack Of Cheese On Her Pizza

    Contrary to popular belief, 911 is not the number to call if you have a culinary dispute. Unless someone seasoned your food with arsenic, it’s best to leave those three numbers be even if someone botched your meal. The latest tale of abusing the service to right an alleged food wrong comes from Newfoundland. The […]