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    43 Traits That Can Make Even The Most Attractive Person Ugly

    Thought.is 1. Self-pity. “Self-pity. Too much of it.” —LadyGawgaw 2. Being a drama queen who hates ‘drama.’ “The people who ‘hate drama’ yet they are always in the thick of it. I cut them out of my life real fast.” —pantisflyhand 3. Freeloading. “Coasting through life on someone else’s work/dollar.” —peterthebigfatcat 4. Blabbermouths. “People who […]

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    34 Super-Creepy Real-Life Stories That Read Like Horror Movies

    Lyubomir Ignatov 1. Ghost call from grandma About 15 years ago, on my birthday, I received a phone call and the caller ID was my grandmother’s phone number. She had passed away 11 months prior. I answered but there was no one there. I called it back and the number was disconnected.” 2. The missing […]

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    37 Men Share Secret Sex Tips That Will Make Her Cum Every Time

    thought.is/ 1. Fuck like it’s EVIL. Kiss like it’s LOVE. “Fuck like it’s EVIL. Kiss like it’s LOVE.” —dammshite 2. Fuck like you’re in love with the other person in that moment. “Fuck like you’re in love with the other person in that moment.” —Anonymous 3. Nibble on the earlobe. “Nibble on the earlobe. All […]

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    Blowjob Basics: 8 Sassy Women Reveal Their Top-Secret Tips

    Flickr / Jeanny 1. Keep sucking him as he cums. “Keep sucking him as he cums. He might feel like he’s gonna explode but he’ll enjoy it. Last guy I did this too nearly passed out and had to light a cigarette real quick. ‘Twas a job well done :)” —irishartistry 2. Use your hands, […]

  • 39 People On What They Learned About Sex The Hard Way

    Flickr / lookcatalog / Daniella Urdinlaiz. 1. The first time I came, I thought I’d injured myself. “I remember the first time that I masturbated the only thing I really knew is that somebody had called it ‘spanking the monkey.’ I was in the bathroom and got hard so I started slapping my penis (albeit […]