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    Dear Men, Please Just Grow The Fuck Up

    João Silas Dear men, I’m not sure if no one has ever told you, but if you tell a woman you’re going to do something, she expects you to do it. If you tell her she’s the only woman in your life, she is going to believe that she is the only woman in your […]

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    Strong Girl, You Don’t Need Him

    Jean Gerber You don’t need him. I’ve learned the hard way that you can love someone and be blindsided by your strong attraction to them and eventually mistook it for love. I was beginning to latch onto an idea of someone up to a point where it became unhealthy. I would always think of that […]

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    50 Intimate Questions To Ask Your Forever Person This Christmas

    Unsplash, Roberto Nickson 1. Who is your favorite person to buy presents for? 2. Have you ever gotten stuck working on Christmas? 3. What kind of food did you leave for Santa when you were little? 4. When you hate a present, are you honest or do you pretend to love it? 5. Which ornament has the most significance to you? 6. Did […]

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    4 Powerful Ways To Turn A Toxic Relationship Into A Healthy One

    Brooke Cagle Love is a dance of connection and disconnection. There are times when you feel compelled by your lover, and other times when you feel the need for alone time. Some of us need more connection, others need more independence. Sometimes these differences lead to a toxic relationship. There are only two roads to […]

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    More Women Would Orgasm If Men Actually Did These 15 Things

    Unsplash, Sokoloff Lingerie 1. Give her massages. You want a blowjob as foreplay? Well, she wants a massage. Get her naked, touch every inch of her body while her favorite music plays in the background, and then think about fucking her. 2. Touch her clit. By now, you should know that most women can’t cum from penetration alone. They […]

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    When You Miss Her, Remember This

    edric When you miss her, remember how she kissed youand know that you’ll never get to feel those lips again. When you miss her, remember how she looked at youand know that you’ll never get to see those brown eyes again. When you miss her, remember how she giggledand know that you won’t ever get to hear […]

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    15 Key Things You’ll Find Out About Him By The Way He Fucks

    Noah Kalina 1. If he’s a good listener. He should be paying attention to your reactions, so he knows what you like and what you don’t like. If he always does that one move you hate, then he’s not observant. That means you probably won’t get the birthday gift you’ve been hinting at for months. 2. If he’s lazy. Does […]