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    I’m More Comfortable Revealing My Breasts Than My Feelings

    Pexels Having always enjoyed being comfortable without a single stitch of clothing on, my nakedness admittedly become a sort of thing for me. My significant others had to accept the fact that if I’m home alone, that my little bare ass is almost always hanging out with pride. Pride. What a funny word choice in […]

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    This Is How Someone With Anxiety Falls In Love

    unsplash.com Someone with anxiety falls in love the way you do – instinctively, quickly, often easily. The only difference is that while they’re falling in love, their brain is also coming up with a million different reasons why this is also terrifying and dangerous and so easily broken. Someone with anxiety falls in love slowly. […]

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    I Hope You Find Someone Whose Absence Makes You Feel Homesick

    JULIA MALASHEVICH I stood in a foreign city overcome with a beauty I had only ever seen in pictures. But with that feeling of wanderlust came a feeling of being emotionally disconnected to a place I knew would never be mine. In a desperate attempt to find wifi in a European hostel, I typed 3 […]

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    16 Women Reveal Their Favorite Toy To Use During Sex

    God and Man 1. “Handcuffs. I don’t like the kind without the fluff, though. It hurts my wrists and leaves cuts across them and then I get questions.” — Katherine, 23 2. “Bullet vibrators are life savors. Me and my guy like to have quickies, but it’s hard for me to get wet fast, so I keep that little […]

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    Dominos Is The Only Place You Should Register For Your Wedding

    Shutterstock/UPROXX The best part about getting married — besides baldly snubbing everyone you hate with wedding invites — is registering for gifts you’ve always wanted but will never use. How many woks do you need, friend? Will you really use 15 decorative towels in one lifetime? Who the hell uses china anymore? All good questions! […]

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    The Reality Of Trying To Love Again When Your Heart Is Broken

    Raluca Vlad “The past can only be escaped by embracing something better.” -Nicholas Sparks It’s like you’re going through the motions of doing exactly what you’re supposed to but you don’t feel anything. You’ve grown so numb to waking up empty, you’ve become used to it. It’s pain becoming this comfort zone and you don’t […]

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    This Is How You Love Someone Who Constantly Overthinks

    Arkady Lifshits When you love someone who constantly overthinks, you are loving someone who’s mind plays tricks on them. You are loving someone who can’t help the way that they think. Who can’t help how much they think. Someone who over thinks is someone who is always going to have questions. They are someone is […]

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    10 Reasons You Keep Falling For Bad Boys Instead Of Finding Your Forever Person

    Troy Freyee 1. You appreciate the I-don’t-give-a-fuck attitude. You care way too much — about your looks, about your bank account, about other people’s opinions. You wish you could say fuck it and do whatever you wanted without worrying about any repercussions. And that’s exactly what bad boys do. They don’t care about anyone, except themselves, […]

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    How To Be The Kind Of Guy Women Love Having Sex With

    Shutterstock Begin from the understanding that men may be microwaves but women are crockpots. We may heat up just as often as men, but we do it slowly. We don’t naturally go from completely cold to burning hot in a matter of minutes. We love nuance and feel bored by the plainness of vulgarity — […]