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    I’m More Comfortable Revealing My Breasts Than My Feelings

    Pexels Having always enjoyed being comfortable without a single stitch of clothing on, my nakedness admittedly become a sort of thing for me. My significant others had to accept the fact that if I’m home alone, that my little bare ass is almost always hanging out with pride. Pride. What a funny word choice in […]

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    These Recipes From The Author Of ‘Symmetry Breakfast’ Will Make You Look Like A True Romantic

    Unsplash Michael Zee, author of Symmetry Breakfast and creator of the wildly popular Instagram of the same name is an expert in the small loving touches that strengthen and solidify a romance. He’s spent years making incredible breakfasts as an ongoing love letter to his boyfriend, Mark. And he must have done something (or cooked […]

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    10 Reasons You Keep Falling For Bad Boys Instead Of Finding Your Forever Person

    Troy Freyee 1. You appreciate the I-don’t-give-a-fuck attitude. You care way too much — about your looks, about your bank account, about other people’s opinions. You wish you could say fuck it and do whatever you wanted without worrying about any repercussions. And that’s exactly what bad boys do. They don’t care about anyone, except themselves, […]

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    13 Women Admit Whether They Prefer Oral Sex Or Full-On Penetration

    God & Man 1. “Oooh, I can’t decide. Maybe I’m greedy. I like a combination of the two. I usually have him go down on me as foreplay, orgasm from that, and then I’ll ride him. That way, I’m super wet, and nothing hurts. And if I don’t orgasm during penetration, it’s no big deal, because […]

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    Why Second Love Is The Real One

    Andrew Nolan Second love teaches you how to love again after you’ve been broken. It teaches you that love still exists, that you’re capable of loving again and loving harder. That you can still have faith in love no matter how much pain your first love caused you. Second love is there to pick up […]

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    37 Women Explain What Self-Proclaimed ‘Nice Guys’ NEVER Seem To Understand

    Illustration by Daniella Urdinlaiz 1. Women are not vending machines that you can drop kindness coins into until sex falls out. “Women are not vending machines that you can drop kindness coins into until sex falls out.” —BilliousN 2. Friendship is not a down-payment for sex. “Friendship is not a down-payment for sex.” —thinking-of-pie 3. […]

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    It’s The ‘Maybes’ That Keep You Stuck

    @visokdesign It’s the hope that one day it will happen that stops you from moving on. It’s the excuses you make for them when they’re not all in that makes you want to fight harder for their attention to see if there’s potential. It’s that one thing they said or did that made you believe […]

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    10 Sex Positions That Will Make An Ass Man Cum In Seconds

    God & Man 1. Spooning. Get into prime cuddling position — with your clothing off. That way, he can slide into you while holding your waist, reaching around to caress your breasts, and squeezing your ass. 2. Reverse cowgirl. Instead of straddling him and riding him the way you usually do, turn around and face the wall. Even better, […]