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  • cheesecake-factory-feat-uproxx.jpg

    These Dishes Illustrate Why Everyone Is Lining Up At NYC’s Cheesecake Factory

    Shutterstock/The Cheesecake Factory The Cheesecake Factory — one of America’s finest restaurants and fight me if you think otherwise — has finally opened in New York City (a place heretofore completely devoid of culture). Completely unsurprisingly, people have been lining up around the block in order to take advantage of the restaurant’s relaxing atmosphere (once […]

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    ‘Stranger Things’ Theory: Eggo Waffles Are The Best

    netflix/ uproxx Part of the joy of binge-able TV shows is letting them consume you for a few days — allowing your brain to wander down rabbit holes and traverse a hyper-detailed landscape. Stranger Things is ace at this. It’s been the source of some of the best fan theories and “did you catch that” […]

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    Why You Should Save All Your Deep Fried Twinkie Gorging For The Fair

    Sony/Shutterstock Who doesn’t love a fair or a carnival? It’s as American as apple pie, which you can deep-fry and cover in powdered sugar and also maybe Oreo crumbles and some whip cream with strawberry sauce. Man, fairs are great. And so is frying stuff. Hostess knows that you like the fried version of their […]

  • The Wait List To Buy Rosé Gummi Bears Is Out Of Control

    Sugarfina I love gummi candy as much as the next person. In fact, I may love it even more because I don’t know too many people who buy it by the pound on Amazon. However, even with a five pound bag of gummi delights currently on order, I still think it’s all sorts of madness […]