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    You Don’t Know Me Half As Well As You Think You Do

    Unsplash, Pablo Charnas People don’t want to hear the truth, because they don’t want their illusions destroyed. This is the saddest part of being human. We tend to think inside the box, when in fact things are so much better outside of it. It’s okay. You can judge me. It’s your prerogative. The thing is, you […]

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    This Is Why I’m Guarded

    Michael Hull I was once that person who constantly needed some protecting from the world beyond me, I was that person who always needed to depend my own self and happiness to other people, I was also that person who was too afraid of being alone and I always needed someone to look out for […]

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    Here Are Some Cold Hard Truths About The 2016 Presidential Election

    Unsplash, Kevin Morris Raise your hand if you’re exhausted by the 2016 presidential election. I consider myself pretty well-educated and solidified in my beliefs, yet I’m still finding myself dazed and confused by the recent political polemics. (Raise your other hand if you caught my movie reference and are now thinking of a young Matthew McConaughey.) Whether […]

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    You’re Not Really A 20-Something Until You Make These 27 Micro Mistakes

    Twenty20, @eimyfig 1. Hooking up with a f*ckboy. 2. Convincing yourself for a minute that you might actually be the girl who changes said f*ckboy. 3. Bothering to question why a f*ckboy doesn’t want to be with you, as if the idiot were even capable of appreciating your awesomeness. 4. Quadruple texting a f*ckboy, even […]