Tag: Toxic Relationships

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    But I Swear It’s Different This Time

    Ben Warren “But it’s different this time.” Those words. Those words are the truth and the lie and everything in between. Because it is different. I’m a different person. You’re a different person. The impressions we’ve made on each other have molded and formed us into new beings. The scars and the bruises we’ve acquired […]

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    If He’s Not Meeting You Half-Way, Just Turn Back Around

    BrandonWoelfel When is comes to relationships, I always use the image and metaphor of a bridge to describe them. Imagine yourself walking across this bridge and stopping half way. Healthy relationships are the ones that require only that much effort because the other person meets you there too. But oftentimes, in unhealthy relationships or ‘almost […]

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    Someday All Your Broken Pieces Will Heal, And Someday Is Today

    Serkan Göktay I was 23 and you were 28. We were sitting on the sand side by side, the waves kissing our feet as we talked for hours while we ignored the scorching sun. Our fingers laced around each other’s hands as you promised that you would never let me go. And in that very […]

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    You Were The Storm I Had To Weather

    Unsplash You are like a storm. You came into my life and washed over me like torrential downpour in the middle of a barren desert. You quenched my thirst. You soaked me completely in your raindrops. Marked me as yours. Your strong winds swept me up into you. Encompassing me completely, I belonged to you. […]

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    Here Are The Brutally Honest Signs That You Probably Shouldn’t Be Dating

    iStockPhoto.com / CoffeeAndMilk 1. You’ve Had At Least 3 “Crash & Burns” in The Last Year. If you’ve put time and effort into a person, gone out with them several times, had “sleepovers,” changed your relationship status on Facebook, they’ve met your family – and you’ve done this at least 3 times in the last […]