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  • giant-bunny-united-flight-locked-in-freezer.jpg

    The Giant Bunny That Died On A United Flight May Have Been Locked In A Freezer

    Shutterstock While inundated with bad press surrounding the violent removal of Dr. David Dao, with whom they ultimately settled out of court, United Airlines faced yet another negative viral story. A 3-foot-long Continental Giant rabbit named Simon was found dead at Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport after his flight from London landed there. The rabbit was […]

  • gettyimages-143591842-jpg.jpeg

    Pictures From King’s Day, Amsterdam’s Craziest Party

    Getty Image A sea of orange took over Amsterdam on Thursday as the city’s population doubled for the biggest party of the year. This weekend was Koningsdag or King’s day in Amsterdam, and to say that it looks like it was a crazy, debaucherous time would be an understatement. Amsterdam is known as a place […]

  • delat-money-feat2-uproxx.jpg

    Delta Is Giving Its Agents The Right To Offer 10K To Bump People, So Let’s All Overbook

    Uproxx United is having a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad time lately. Whether they’re telling little girls to change out of leggings, assaulting paying customers, or conducting nightmare flights filled with angry scorpions that crawled out of a cursed mummy’s sarcophagus, they just can’t catch a break. And now their competitors, having caught the […]

  • emirates-feat-uproxx.jpg

    Emirates’ New Commercial Comes Out Swinging Against United Airlines

    YouTube/Shutterstock/UPROXX It’s been a terrible week for United, and it’s all the airline’s fault. First, the airline assaulted a man who didn’t want to give up his seat on an overbooked flight. Then, after the internet exploded with outrage, United referred to the passenger’s being dragged off the plane as a “re-accommodation,” igniting even more […]

  • shutterstock_377604361.jpg

    Kayak Created A SFW Mode So That You Can Plan Vacations In The Office

    Shutterstock We all do personal stuff at the office. We know we shouldn’t, of course, but we do. Fortunately, if you’re planning a desperately needed vacation, or need to check weekend airfare, Kayak has decided to make it a little easier with a work mode that disguises your flight hunting. Just go to their Work […]