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    An Airline Is Making A Bid To Pull Seats Completely

    Shutterstock Airlines have been making it more uncomfortable to fly for years. But still, they’ve never quite gotten as far as just yanking all the seats and turning the thing into a bus with wings. Until now, anyway, as a Colombian airline is actively pursuing standing room only flights. According to Yahoo!, Colombian budget airline […]

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    Chasing Fish And Thinking About Fatherhood In The Wilds Of Alaska

    Uproxx This article was originally run on November 30, 2016. It has been slightly altered. I. “Last cast, buddy?” That’s how every fishing trip with my dad ended. I can’t remember how many times he said it, or how many times we went out together. Somewhere in the low hundreds, probably. As for how many […]

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    A Bold Pivot By Atlantis Resort Reveals How Travel Is Changing

    Atlantis Tourism is changing rapidly. People are rejecting canned tours and resort living in favor of immersive experiences. This push started in independent travel more than a decade ago — now it’s hit the mainstream. Big brands can’t deny that the largest market segment travels differently and holds authenticity in the highest regard. In a […]

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    The Giant Bunny That Died On A United Flight May Have Been Locked In A Freezer

    Shutterstock While inundated with bad press surrounding the violent removal of Dr. David Dao, with whom they ultimately settled out of court, United Airlines faced yet another negative viral story. A 3-foot-long Continental Giant rabbit named Simon was found dead at Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport after his flight from London landed there. The rabbit was […]

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    Pictures From King’s Day, Amsterdam’s Craziest Party

    Getty Image A sea of orange took over Amsterdam on Thursday as the city’s population doubled for the biggest party of the year. This weekend was Koningsdag or King’s day in Amsterdam, and to say that it looks like it was a crazy, debaucherous time would be an understatement. Amsterdam is known as a place […]