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    9 Women You Can Expect On Nick Viall’s Season Of ‘The Bachelor’

    nickviall Before we dive in, YES, it’s true. I auditioned for the upcoming season of The Bachelor. It now marks my second time auditioning (SHUT UP). But like, the first time wasn’t really serious. As soon as I heard it was Nick though?! I was suddenly magically in the gym a lot more than usual […]

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    Here Are All The New Shows + Movies Coming To Netflix In November 2016

    The biggest news of the year (for those of us who never left Luke’s, at least) is that the Gilmore Girls special premieres on Netflix on November 25th — just in time to take a nice long Thanksgiving weekend and rewatch your favorite season of the series. Even for people who don’t enjoy plaid skirts […]

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    13 Episodes Of ‘Disappeared’ That Will Make You Lock Your Doors Forever

    Disappeared is the best show on TV right now. Each episode is a standalone capsule investigation into the life and disappearance (and sometimes death) of one individual. We hear from the people closest to them and retrace their last movements before they fell off the grid. The episodes themselves as well as the optional Wikipedia […]

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    MOST VIRAL BEST NEWS BLOOPERS 2016 – Funny Videos 2016

    MOST VIRAL BEST NEWS BLOOPERS 2016 – Funny Videos 2016 Funny videos 2016 best news bloopers. You can’t stop laughing at the funniest news blooper viral videos of the year. Our Best News Bloopers: Don’t Miss These Funniest NEWS FAILS And GIRL BLOOPERS of 2016: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mRLdR3ZQLeU MOST EMBARRASSING NEWS BLOOPERS 2015 EVER!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NwBJhgb63J4 Funny news […]