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    I Still Care, But I’m Done Being Hurt

    @BYONELOVE There’s no point in pretending I don’t care. My heart still feels heavy whenever your name pops up in conversations, but I’ve gained back some control. See, there was a time when you clouded my mind, when every limb of my body would weaken whenever you came close. You could have done anything, hurt […]

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    43 Traits That Can Make Even The Most Attractive Person Ugly

    Thought.is 1. Self-pity. “Self-pity. Too much of it.” —LadyGawgaw 2. Being a drama queen who hates ‘drama.’ “The people who ‘hate drama’ yet they are always in the thick of it. I cut them out of my life real fast.” —pantisflyhand 3. Freeloading. “Coasting through life on someone else’s work/dollar.” —peterthebigfatcat 4. Blabbermouths. “People who […]

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    Why You’ll Never Be Enough For Him

    peArtigas96 It’s not that you’re too heavy, or too thin. It’s not because you’re too slutty, or too much of a prude. It has nothing to do with the size of your breasts or your thighs or your stomach. It’s not that you’re too successful, or not successful enough. You could spend your entire life […]