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    2017—This Is What I Hope For You

    Alex Blăjan 2017, this is what I hope for you. I hope you will be a year full of smiles and laughs, instead of tears and regrets. I hope you will be a year that is full of gifts, not of material items, but of good friends and good company. I hope you will be full […]

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    14 Reasons The Girl Who Loves ‘Too Much’ Is Actually The Best One To Love

    Vladimir Kudinov 1. We don’t “play it chill” when we’re crushing on someone new Literally everyone in our life suggests “taking it easy” and “being chill” around our new crush, but we just can’t. We like someone, and aren’t good at hiding our emotions about that. 2. We don’t like to play games We don’t see […]

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    17 Things You Should Say Goodbye To In 2017

    alivialatimer Say goodbye to the thoughts that haunt you late at night to tell you that you’re not good enough. Think of how you always prove them wrong and prove them wrong one more time. Say goodbye to the ones who didn’t appreciate you, the ones who didn’t answer your calls or your texts, the […]

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    This Is Your Personal Definition Of Hell, Based On Your Birth Order

    Nishe Oldest children are so incredibly used to being in charge, and asked for advice, and just generally being the person that everyone turns to. For an oldest child, the idea of having someone else that could be ahead of them on the advice train? That people are going to others instead of them? Absolute. […]

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    35 Things I’ve Learned In 35 Years Of Life

    Thomas Kelley Last week I celebrated my 35th birthday.  In one way the phrase ‘I am 35 years old’ feels like I am getting old as I have lived almost half of my life (if average life expectancy is 75 years) and this saddens me because then I think of all the things I have […]

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    I Am Not A Hookup Culture Kind Of Girl

    kirillvasilevcom I could be good at hookup culture if I really wanted to be. It’s not hard to toss clothes on the floor and pretend for one night. It’s not hard to only text someone when it’s convenient for you, or you’re hoping to get something from them. It’s not hard to be selfish and […]

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    What It Means To Love A Woman Who Doesn’t Trust Easily

    Franca Gimenez It is of little importance whether this is a blossoming friendship or something more, because the woman who doesn’t trust easily will treat every new person she meets in a similar way. If she thinks this could be the beginning of something beautiful, she will cautiously divulge herself, but in fragments — the […]

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    This Is The Love That I Actually Want

    Larm Rmah We’re drowned in the idea of how the internet defines love. Of how casually movies portray friends with benefits, or no strings attached, or shades of grey. But I miss the kind of love that used to root on something deeper than having physical attraction and meeting needs. I hope for the kind […]

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    In Any Universe, I Would Still Pick You

    Sophie Oatman Every now and again, I stop thinking about the universe we live in, and I picture another one where you and I actually made it. I picture you and I didn’t let circumstances prevent something that I saw as potential magic, that we gave us a shot. I picture us six months in, […]