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    I Still Care, But I’m Done Being Hurt

    @BYONELOVE There’s no point in pretending I don’t care. My heart still feels heavy whenever your name pops up in conversations, but I’ve gained back some control. See, there was a time when you clouded my mind, when every limb of my body would weaken whenever you came close. You could have done anything, hurt […]

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    It’s Time To Let Go Of What Is Not Yours

    unsplash.com We all hold on to that person who changed our lives in every way — the one we didn’t expect to meet when we were out exploring the world, discovering ourselves, learning about the people around us. It’s not every day you come across one of those individuals. The ones who you’re drawn to, […]

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    How To Use Psychology To Make Someone Fall (And Stay) In Love With You

    Leo Hidalgo Do you believe that love can’t be controlled? Do you believe that if a person doesn’t love you from the outset, there’s no chance? Do you believe that it’s impossible to make a person fall madly deeply in love with you? If you’ve answered yes, it’s also highly likely you believe in chance […]

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    Strong Girl, You Don’t Need Him

    Jean Gerber You don’t need him. I’ve learned the hard way that you can love someone and be blindsided by your strong attraction to them and eventually mistook it for love. I was beginning to latch onto an idea of someone up to a point where it became unhealthy. I would always think of that […]

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    2016 — I’m Ready To Let You Go

    Clarisse Meyer I’m ready. I’m ready to let you go. I’m ready to say goodbye to my favorite parts of you, the special memories, the moments I wish I could rewind. I’m ready to let them go, I’m ready to loosen my grip and welcome new ones. I’m ready to let the moments I loved slip […]

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    2017—This Is What I Hope For You

    Alex Blăjan 2017, this is what I hope for you. I hope you will be a year full of smiles and laughs, instead of tears and regrets. I hope you will be a year that is full of gifts, not of material items, but of good friends and good company. I hope you will be full […]

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    This Is Why Men Think You’re Intimidating, Based On Your Zodiac Sign 

    Thought.is Aries (March 21 – April 19) Because you’re probably more successful or you make more money since you’re always working hard and that can make men feel like it’s hard to compete with you. Taurus (April 20 – May 20) Because you’re too tough, you fight back, you call people out and you don’t let them […]

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    14 Reasons The Girl Who Loves ‘Too Much’ Is Actually The Best One To Love

    Vladimir Kudinov 1. We don’t “play it chill” when we’re crushing on someone new Literally everyone in our life suggests “taking it easy” and “being chill” around our new crush, but we just can’t. We like someone, and aren’t good at hiding our emotions about that. 2. We don’t like to play games We don’t see […]

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    Why I’m Quitting My Job Without Having A Plan

    Seth Doyle I’m about to do one the craziest things I’ve ever done in my life. I’m quitting my job. With no backup plan. After I just bought a house. While my boyfriend is out on disability. If bad timing was an Olympic sport, I’d win a gold medal. But I realized the other night, […]