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    To The Girl He Loved Before Me, You Destroyed Him

    kychan You destroyed him. You destroyed him by taking the key to his hidden gems in another treasure chest. You destroyed him by crashing his trusted ship to an iceberg of excuses. You destroyed him by not making ways to adjust your sail just so you could meet him halfway. You ripped his ego. You […]

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    Finding The Ground Again

    I’m still a little shaky,tripping over uneven concrete and pretending I saw it coming. Brush the dirt from bruised knees,laugh it off. Drink something to makeit go away. Maybe it’s okay to not always see it coming. I’m learning to stick the landing.Everyone wobbles in the beginning.Or hits face first. Still, I’m learning how to […]

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    In Which I Learn The Things That Stay Aren’t Always Good

    Franca Gimenez I never sleep anymore. I guess it’s not like I ever did. Not well. I take naps like a graveyard shift worker, mindlessly touching the pillow next to me. The sun comes bouncing in and the warmth induces a sudden drowsiness, like an extra blanket gingerly placed atop my desperately tired body. The […]

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    Wanna Write A Book? Here’s What You ABSOLUTELY Must Know

    Pexels As a first-time novelist, the internet was my go-to guide to the mysterious world of publishing. Yet the Internet only led me so far. Here’s what I wished someone told me before I started on the wild and crazy journey to publication. Professional Editing is Minimal When Penguin Random House acquired my novel, Girls […]

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    This Is The Love That I Actually Want

    Larm Rmah We’re drowned in the idea of how the internet defines love. Of how casually movies portray friends with benefits, or no strings attached, or shades of grey. But I miss the kind of love that used to root on something deeper than having physical attraction and meeting needs. I hope for the kind […]

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    Date A Guy Who’s Afraid To Lose You

    Robert Ramirez I know you’re drawn to the guys who are confident. It’s not a bad thing. Honestly, it’s a good thing that one of the most driving factors that determines your attraction to someone is that they are a self assured human being. Maybe you spent years not being confident in yourself, so you […]