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    This Is The Love That I Actually Want

    Larm Rmah We’re drowned in the idea of how the internet defines love. Of how casually movies portray friends with benefits, or no strings attached, or shades of grey. But I miss the kind of love that used to root on something deeper than having physical attraction and meeting needs. I hope for the kind […]

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    Date A Guy Who’s Afraid To Lose You

    Robert Ramirez I know you’re drawn to the guys who are confident. It’s not a bad thing. Honestly, it’s a good thing that one of the most driving factors that determines your attraction to someone is that they are a self assured human being. Maybe you spent years not being confident in yourself, so you […]

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    8 Reasons Why You Definitely Should Keep A Journal

    Luis Llerena The habit of always having a notebook with you is listed among the habits that have the most profound impact on your efficiency and success. The highly productive people and gurus of time management emphasize the importance of developing a habit to have a place where you can hand write the things that […]

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    If I’m Not The One For You, Don’t Pretend That I Am

    João Silas If I’m not the one for you, please, don’t pretend that I am. Don’t whisper sweet nothings into my ear. It doesn’t matter how sweet and dipped-in-honey they may seem, they’re still full of nothing. If this is one-sided, don’t give me false hope. I don’t want to believe in something that turns […]

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    You Can Still Miss Someone You Weren’t In Love With

    Thought.is I find myself thinking about you sometimes. It’s weird, like I’m not sure I should allow myself to. We were never anything particularly special. You weren’t ever going to introduce me to your mother. I wasn’t going to stay up late at night daydreaming about our future. We always knew what we were to […]

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    I Don’t Want You To Make Love To Me

    Morre Christophe When people say making love, it really freaks me out. It’s like the way some people feel about the word moist. It’s uncomfortable, doesn’t sit well on my tongue. And to be honest, I’m not really sure when I made this discovery. It could have been through literature. Television. Torrid stories from my […]

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    Why Didn’t You Fight For Me?

    Grace Chung I wanted to believe you when you said you wanted me. I wanted it more than those cookies from Safeway with pink frosting. More than VIP tickets to a Beyonce concert. More than unlimited pizza that also miraculously doesn’t contain any calories. More than laughter, wine, and seeing all my favorite people in […]

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    You’re Marrying Someone Else, And I’m Finally Accepting It

    @jesslowcher It’s been 1232 days since I saw you. I don’t remember what you were wearing, or if you said the last thing. Maybe I did. It’s blurring together into a nostalgic pang that pulses through my heart. A last time neither of us realized would be “a last time.” Our break up was never […]